At, we take your safety and well-being online seriously. To ensure the best user experience for everyone, we have established content exclusion guidelines if you are approved to “Write for Us“.

Content associated with the following industries or activities is not permitted on our website:

  1. Adult Entertainment: We do not permit pornographic content, adult dating services, or other explicit materials.
  2. Tobacco and Drugs: This includes the promotion of tobacco products, recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, and substances that are legal but potentially harmful.
  3. Weapons and Ammunition: NollyTech does not allow the sale or promotion of firearms, ammunition, explosive weapons, and other armaments.
  4. Gambling: Any content associated with online casinos, sports betting, bingo, lotteries, and other related activities, particularly when unlicensed or in regions where these activities are illegal, is not permitted.
  5. Pharmaceuticals and Controlled Substances: We restrict the sale or promotion of prescription drugs without proper licensing, as well as the sale of controlled substances.
  6. Unregulated Supplements: Content-promoting supplements that make health claims not backed by reliable scientific evidence are prohibited.
  7. High-Risk Financial Services: This includes payday loans, cash advances, short-term loans, unregulated cryptocurrency schemes, or financial services with predatory rates and practices.
  8. Misleading or Deceptive Products: Products or services that make false claims or are involved in scams are prohibited.
  9. Third-Party Infringement: We do not permit the selling or promoting of counterfeit goods or pirated content that infringes on intellectual property rights.
  10. Hate Groups and Discriminatory Practices: Content associated with hate groups or promoting discrimination against people based on personal attributes is strictly prohibited.
  11. Political Propaganda: Content promoting political agendas without transparency about the source and aiming to influence political outcomes is not permitted.
  12. Sensationalist and Shocking Content: We do not allow content designed purely to shock or evoke a negative response without informational value.
  13. Illegal Activities or Encouraging Illegal Actions: Content that encourages illegal activities or instructs users on illegal actions is strictly prohibited.
  14. Multi-level marketing (MLM): Businesses resembling pyramid schemes or questionable MLM models are prohibited.
  15. Malware and Hacking: We do not allow content that promotes, encourages, or facilitates the distribution of malware or hacking activities.
  16. Environmental Harm: Content-promoting practices causing significant environmental damage, such as illegal logging or wildlife trading, are prohibited.

Please remember that these guidelines vary based on geographical region, current laws, and our platform’s specific policies. We encourage you to stay informed and regularly review these guidelines, as they may change over time.