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Uber Dubai – Requirements And Registration Process

Uber Dubai

Dubai is a country of growing population and Uber requirements vary in different countries. The Uber Dubai driving requirements are different from the requirements in other countries like London or Nigeria. In Dubai, it functions in different forms. They offer convenient services in Dubai. When you are walking all the way to the airport or […]

What Is Uber?

what is uber

What is Uber? Uber is a transportation network, peer to peer ride sharing, food delivery firm with headquarters in San Francisco in the United States. Uber now has operations in 633 cities across the globe which can be accessed through its mobile applications and websites. The industry has been pioneering the sharing economy so much […]

Taxify Nigeria: How it works

taxify nigeria

In this guide, you will learn everything about Taxify Nigeria. Have you heard about the new transport system called Taxify? Do you wish to understand how it works? well stick around, I will show you how you can tap into this wonderful new platform. Taxify is an Estonian international transportation network company, headquartered in Tallin, […]

Uber Ghana Requirements And Registration Process

Uber Ghana

Do you wish to become a driver with Uber Ghana? Are you quite confused about the registration process? Do read on, I will explain the registration process and the requirements in detailed steps. Becoming an Uber Ghana partner requires some level of driving experience and some documents as well. The following are the documents required […]

Uber Nigeria Registration Process And Requirements

Uber Nigeria

What is Uber? Uber is an online platform that brings drivers and passengers together. This platform is driven by technology and it enables customers to hail a comfortable taxi cab from any location. The Uber application charges its customers automatically and the driver gets paid into his bank account on a weekly basis.  There […]

5 Great Ways To Make Money From Home

make money from home

When it comes to the idea of making money from home especially online, Many feels that it’s not doable while others think its only by scamming others that you can really make money online. Well, I don’t blame them for having such mindset because I see it as being ignorant of the highest other, or being the […]

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