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Eurosport is an online television streaming channel that offers its viewer’s video and live streaming content. This platform is only available in Europe and if you try to access it anywhere else, it will deliver a message informing you that it is not available in your country. Eurosport player offers a free trial for every new user and this lasts for 7 days.

This platform is available for viewing on television and also online with more and upgraded features. This post is going to guide you on how you can get Eurosport free without any problem.

How to get Eurosport free trial

Eurosport free trial

Eurosport player free trial: Overview

It is the home for lots of sports like Tennis, Cycling, Snooker, Motorsports, Basketball, Climbing, Squash, and lots more. Eurosport player app gives access to lots of live and on-demand sports videos.  Before subscribing to this channel, you do not need to have a cable or satellite subscription.

To get the free trial of Eurosport player, you need to visit the website to begin. Click on Register and follow every necessary instruction to start using it free for the next seven days.

Eurosport player pricing

Once your free trial of Eurosport expires, the pricing starts at about £6.99 per month. This price is quite considerate if you are a lover of sports. The Eurosport player offers lots of live sports all over the world including Europe. If you make it a part of your satellite subscription, you will not be able to watch as many channels as you want. However, if you get the Eurosport player, you will have access to live and on-demand content. This means you either have to purchase or take advantage of the free trial.


Can I get Eurosport Player Free Trial in another country?

Whether you purchase or use the Eurosport free trial, you can only use the platform in European countries. However, you can also have an account elsewhere only if you use a VPN. With this, you can also change between the contents available throughout Europe. Even at that, you will still need a Europe billing for the payment.

How do I watch Eurosport Player Free Trialin another country?

To get the free trial of Eurosport player or even purchase, the first thing you need to do is choose a VPN provider. Then download the recommended application for whatever device you are using. Launch the application and log in.

After this, connect to a server in any country where Eurosport works and then log into or sign in to your Eurosport account. With that, you should be able to stream with the Eurosport player. You can now start your free trial.

Eurosport Player Compatibility:

Eurosport Player Graphic

Contents available on Eurosport Player

You will have access to lots of content in different types of sports such as Golf, horse racing, Boxing, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Rugby, Formula E, Swimming, Cricket, Cycling, Horse racing, Football, Tennis, Swimming, and many more.


Finally, that is how to get the free trial of the Eurosport player. You can now register and start streaming live and on-demand videos.


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