how technology makes you a better parent

How Technology Makes You a Better Parent

Technology keeps getting blamed for keeping families apart. Most Parents get judged for using technology to keep their kids entertained while getting work done. There is no rule on how to be a better parent and parent use of technology should not be something to be ashamed of. There are so many gadgets and applications out there that will make parenting a wonderful experience for new mums and dads.

Unlike what some people believe, technology has really made parenting much easier. You can connect, communicate, and even care for your children without being present. Undoubtedly, there are moments technology seems like a curse but every good thing has its own challenges. There are millions of reasons out there to embrace these amazing inventions that can make you stay connected to your babies despite your busy schedule.

7 reasons why technology makes you a better parent

1. Quick access to Information

Children get assignments and projects all the time from school and on many occasions, they come to their parents for help. You no longer have to panic when they bring their homework to you because technology has made it easier. You can go to Google to check for the solution without looking totally stupid in front of your kids. This is one very huge importance of technology because parents always want to show their kids they have answers to everything. With this, everyone is happy, children are satisfied and parents feel some sort of fulfillment. Technology has made accessing information easier and quicker in several formats.


Every family needs to keep their schedule organized and very updated.  When you have children, you need to be aware of their school activities. Parents tend to forget about these activities unless kids keep reminding them.

How do you stay on top and always be available for your children? You don’t have to keep asking yourself that question because technology has made it easier. Parents will even be up-to-date with their after school activities. You won’t have to miss sleepovers, soccer practice, birthday parties, PTA meetings, important meetings, visitation days, and so on. You can keep a calendar on your computer where all these appointments will be kept. The most popular one is Google Calendar but you can try others as well. You will get notified of any upcoming activity ahead of time. It reduces stress and is a viable way technology can make you a better parent.


There is no reason for stuffing your house or shelves with books. Your kids can have unlimited access to audio and video books online. With the right gadget and a stable internet connection, they can sit and comfortably learn from the confines of their room. All you need to do as a parent is cultivate a reading habit for them. There are so many materials online that they can learn from.

Except for school materials, they can also read animated stories. While reading, they can also polish their grammar along the way. There are also availabilities of educational games that they can use to catch fun and also learn.


Every parent worries about their kid’s locations when they are at work or out of state. Although parents will keep worrying, technology has come up with ways to calm your fears.  Are they at home yet or not? Your kids’ whereabouts are always on the top of concern for parents. You have to be sure they are safe at all times. You can track your children’s cell and know their last location and where they have been. This will minimize constant callings and interrogations for both parties involved. This is another way technology can make you a better parent. You do not need to feel guilty about not being there with them all the time.

You can also use Geofencing to create virtual boundaries for the kids. The parent will be alerted once they are out of a particular area.

5. Constant Communication

When your kids are away on holidays with extended family members or friends, you can always stay bonded with them. There is no reason to wait until they get back to ask about their day or if they feel okay. You can Skype, FaceTime, or even using WhatsApp video to communicate with them. All you need is to get the gadgets and just put a call across. If you are on a journey or running late at work, you can stay in contact with them before bedtime. Technology has helped with many advanced methods of communicating to make parenting better and easier.


You do not have to go to the theatre to have movie time with your kids. All you need is a monthly subscription to Netflix or any streaming app of your choice. Tune in to their favorite shows or animations and you can all watch and stay connected as a family. You will get access to libraries of documentaries, comedy, programs, cartoons, and so many more.

They can also be entertained by computer games. If you want to do chores or just need quiet time, you can keep them entertained while you go on to do whatever with no disturbance. Anyways, always remember that it is important to bond and spend time with your children.


If you are constantly worrying about what they are up to while at home, you can install wireless cameras in the house without their knowledge. With this, you can check up on them and know whatever it is they are up to at home. You can take advantage of technology to be a better parent to your children. They need you to be in charge and help mold their lives.

Why technology makes you a better parent: Conclusion

Finally, those are the ways technology can make you a better parent. The newer generation of parents can explore new and inventive methods of staying in touch with your children and there is no reason to feel any guilt over that. But, do not let technology stop you from spending real time with your family. Spend essential time together bonding, discussing, and making long-lasting memories.


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