impact of technology in education

Impact of Technology on Education, Business And Transportation

The impact of technology has been seen far and wide. In this post, we outline its effects on business, education and transportation.

The world today is on the move,  technology is having a huge impact on every aspect of life. You do not have to stress yourself so much to perform certain task as technology is always there to help.  So we can say that it is not possible to survive in the world today without technology.

Impact of technology

Many may refute this thought patterns, but it is true not because we cannot abstain from it but because it has a lot of benefits to our businesses, education, health, transportation and many more. Technology is part of this century and it may rightly be part of the next century especially in a more advanced form. However, in this article, we will outline the fantastic benefits technology has brought us in business education and transportation. We will explore the impact of technology in all these areas.

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Impact of technology on Business.

impact of technology in business

1. Increased productivity:

 Technology increases the productivity in Business transactions making it much easier and stress-free.  Technology like emails makes communication in Business convenient. Customer support and online customer service also reduces the need for face to face interactions and also increases the need for the productivity of investments in the areas with the sacrifice of customer experience.

Business owners can communicate with each other without having to leave their locality through video conference calls. Technology also helps you to supervise and monitor the growth of your business easily.

2. Quickens Business Operations

Business operations that once took weeks or even months to achieve can be done now within seconds with the help of technology. Internet file sharing,  online money transactions and web purchasing make the production cycle faster making product sales and distribution very fast. Technology helps business operations to meet customer’s demands quickly providing business owners with the right tools.

You do not need to see your customers face to face to sell your business, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Customers can easily order and pay for products and services online without having to see you face to face. You can easily communicate with your co-workers or employees with text or video chats and promotional email to targeted and pre-qualified customers.

3. Outsourcing:

Technology allows business owners to outsource business functions to other business owners whether locally or internationally. Outsourcing can help business owners to lower costs and focus on completing the business function they can do best in. Small business owners can outsource some business operations if they do not have available manpower and the proper facilities to perform such operations.

4. Helps in understanding customer’s demands:

Technology makes getting data of customer’s demands easier.  Business owners can easily understand what the customers want. It provides analytics services putting customer’s needs into segments,  helping business owners to target a market specifically.

5. Social Network impact and the Internet:

Technology through social networking has made it easier to connect to customers without a geographical barrier and financial background.  If you have good ideas on the internet,  you can get good business sales as customers now to go to the internet to get reviews before they make use of any product or service.

Small businesses can reach a new economic market. Small business owners can move out of their local market and bring their products and services to the world via the internet. Businesses can now sell 24/7 without needing to be there. You can also advertise your business on the internet going across to a large market.

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Impact of technology on Education.

impact of technology on education

6. Active engagement in learning:

Technology is interactive so it can help students learn better. Technology increases student interest in learning, for example, studying Biology with demonstrative videos instead of just looking at pictures can engage the students more.

Learning has become more fun with technology as teachers can now make use of animations,  videos and other types of content making learning easier and faster.

7. Method of research:

Students do not have to visit the library anymore to research as they can now do all that from the comfort of their homes through laptops, smartphones, iPads,  audiobooks,  e-books and YouTube. All the data for research are easily provided by technology.

8. Online Lectures:

Technology has made it that university and college educators can now upload their lessons online and students can access it from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a laptop, internet connection and headphones. A student can be working or on vacation and still be able to continue their learning!

9. Discussion/Debate forums and Groups:

Students can learn better by listening to and reading other classmates opinions and feedbacks.  This can help them to refine their thinking and also help reach a higher stage of understanding and comprehension. Technology provides online communities to present these opportunities for students to interact amongst themselves and with others around the world.

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10. Accessibility of Education and educational flexibility:

Technology has made it possible for anyone to get access to formal educational courses. This is possible with the help of the internet. Many institutes of learning today offer a number of courses online.

Online courses also help you to study at your convenience without having to adhere to tight timelines.  You can learn anywhere without having to physically be within the four walls of a classroom.

Impact of technology on transportation.

Impact of technology on transportation

11. Transportation

Technology has changed the way we travel today,  we travel faster with better quality of transportation. Smartphones,  electronic payments, social media and so on has also affected our modes of transportation.

12. Eco-friendly Transportation

Technology has made transportation more eco-friendly.  No need to print out boarding passes or airline tickets thanks to online reservations, e-tickets and online check-ins.  This helps to save a large amount of paper from being used and also helps to reduce too many documents. Moreover, online bookings and reservations are time-saving.

13. Electronic payments

Technology has made transport payments easier with the help of electronic payments. This has made travelling more convenient as you do not need to carry a lot of money around as you can go cashless and make use of your credit or debit cards. You do not even need to stay on the queue to use the ATM machines because you can pay online or make use of other payment options.

Technology continues to make everything easier for us today and any task that we want to perform can be done from the comfort of our home without too much stress or sweat. The impact of technology on everyday life is not going to slow down anytime soon, the technology still has a lot to offer us in this areas as well as other aspects of life.

However, here is a question for you. What are the impacts of technology in your life?

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