Comprehensive Car Insurance: How it works

comprehensive car insurance meaning
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Would you like to know what comprehensive car insurance is all about? This article will explain in detail how Motor insurance works.

There are just about a lot of things you can insure today, your rental property, travelling to anywhere in the World, your pet and even your life. You can simply get an insurance policy that quickly keeps you protected all the way.

comprehensive car insurance meaning

For car owners, it is pretty much the same thing, you can get insurance to keep you covered on specific grounds. Therefore, in this article, we will be taking a good look at what you will get when you seek a comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance is simply the coverage that will help you replace or repair your vehicle if it is stolen, damaged from vandalism, falling objects, fire. It can even cover as much as incidents from Natural disasters or a civil disturbance.

In detailed form, a comprehensive car insurance covers:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism, fire, riots and explosions
  • Windshield and glass damage
  • Falling trees/ limbs or objects on your car
  • Storms, hail, floods, winds, lightning and earthquakes
  • Accidents involving animal

If you swerve from an animal and end up hitting another car, it is not covered by the comprehensive cover but by the collision cover.

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What is not covered by the Comprehensive Car Insurance

From the list of events covered, you will notice the impressive gap in coverage which is to be spelt out to you. A comprehensive Car Insurance coverage does not cover any kind of collision made to your car such as accidents.

It does not cover:

  • If your car hits an object, such as a tree
  •  If your car collides with another vehicle
  • Your car rolls over
  • Your car is damaged due to hitting a pothole

How does the Comprehensive Car Insurance work?

comprehensive car insurance meaning

The process of using your comprehensive car insurance is very simple and straightforward. Take, for example, a tree limb crashes right at the top of your car and caused a damage worth $1,000. This is your next step:

  • File an insurance claim to your insurer concerning your losses, this can be through online, via mobile app or by calling depending on the services offered by your insurance company
  • Depending on your deductible, say an amount $500, you will receive about $500 to pay for the damage.

Differences between a Collision and comprehensive Insurance cover

A collision insurance will give you cover for all collisions and accidents specifically involved with your covered car.  While a comprehensive cover will give everything but what the collision coverage gives.

comprehensive car insurance

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Considerations when getting a comprehensive Car Insurance

Before placing your signature to any policy, never take the world Comprehensive on the surface. You must put on your magnifying glass and look beneath the prints.

  • For instance, some policies may not cover certain kinds of damage. Some of these may include damages done to the GPS navigation or satellite radio systems. This is especially for those devices not permanently installed within your car.
  • Also, if your car is exposed to hazardous conditions, such as the fact that you may pack on the street almost all the time. You may be subject to higher insurance rates.
  • Your car value may also affect the rate of comprehensive coverage that may apply to you.
  • If your covered car is damaged, the amount that will be released to you will be the cash value of your car, minus the deductible.

Deductible and the cost of comprehensive coverage

The cost of your coverage will also depend to a greater extent on the deductible amount that applies. This amount ranges from $250 to $1,000. A higher deductible may mean that you will cover more of the damage before the insurance company takes over. Also the lower your premium, the more the deductibles and the more chances you may personally cover most of the damage from your pocket.

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Is getting the comprehensive car insurance worth it?

Although many states may not require that you have this coverage as a requirement. it is still an essential tool in keeping your car protected.

There are many events that you cannot control or adequately prepare on your own before it happens. With a Comprehensive car insurance, you are prepared for such events whenever and wherever. No added problems of having to cover the bulk of it from your wallet.

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