How Uber works for drivers and riders

How Uber works


This is how Uber works for drivers and riders. With the Uber app, you can easily hitch a ride or start earning money with your vehicle. In this post, we will be elaborating on just how all of these platforms work.

How Uber works

Uber is an innovative technological network that seeks to connect driver partner as well as riders. You no longer need to spend time in the rain or on the streets trying to hail a cab. You can now do so simply from your comfort zone. Despite the hitches, Uber has grown to many different locations and this is growing wider every each passing day. With the Uber free application, mobility is assured at a maximum pleasure. If you wish to start riding, driving or doing both, you can do so by reading the information listed for you below.

How Uber works for riders.

Do you wish to hitch a ride from your comfort? Here is all the Information for you.

Your first step to begin using the Uber application is by downloading the app for your Android or Apple device. Once done with the download, fill out your basic information such as name, phone number and credit card number. When you have set everything up, you will need to enter the desired address in the box titled “where to” at the top of your screen. Even when you have no idea about your destination, it can still be quite easy, you can easily place in the name of a business around the address of the area you wish to visit.

You will be required to confirm your destination, confirm your exact pickup point by dropping the blue pin on to the app. The Uber app will give you an approximate time that it will be.

Along with the approximate estimate, you will receive an overview of the cost of service. This is done to ensure that you are not scammed at any point.

Naturally, rides differ, Uber has different ride variants designed to suit your needs as well as your pocket. The cost of a ride, therefore, depends on the ride variant you pick.

Now, how does Uber pricing work? Well, the cost of service depends on the time of the day. The more requests received for rides, the more expensive the fair, this is what Uber calls “Surge pricing“.

Uber’s Three Levels of Service.

The Uber basic services:

The basic services offered by Uber includes Uber X, Uber XL and Uber select. The difference is the prices and type of car outlines the differences between these services. Uber X drivers use a standard passenger car (Honda Accord) which can carry four passengers. Uber XL drivers use bigger cars such as Chrysler Pacifica which can carry as much as 6 passengers. The Uber select is the much higher level of service and utilizes cars such as Mercedes -Benz, Audi and BMW drivers.

Upper Services:

Moving upon life financially, you can use either the Uber Black or the Uber SUV which offers more exquisite cars. You can have a ride in vehicles such as a Coachella Escalade, Mercedes Benz, S-class, a top Spee Chevrolet Suburban and so much more.

The Uber Black and Uber SUV services do not come out of the open, they must be registered with the cooperation as well as commercially. Apart from these two services, in some cities, you can also gain access to the Uber Luxury ride.

The Uber luxury is the company, flagship service and therefore it is equally expensive, with this service, you can hold on a ride with a Land Rover, Range Rover, Audi A8 and other higher models.

Uber is an affordable way:

With Uber, you can also receive access to affordable service such as the Uber Pool. The Uber Pool service offers rides in which you will have to share a ride with other individuals with this service, you add some other passenger can lift a ride as long as you are moving in the same direction. It works like this :

Imagine you are hitching a ride upstate, the drivers will pick up another passenger moving in the same direction as if you had rather pay for a service which offers comfort and privacy other Uber services will be more reasonable. With the Uber Pool, your ride partner can just be anybody.

After picking a fare:

Once you have picked the services you wish to use, you will receive a message informing you about the name of the driver, his/her rating, car colour, model and registration number including how long it will take him to get to you. You can also tell that your Uber is on the way by the car icon that will appear on your digital map.

When your driver arrives, hop in, greet the driver and once you have begun the trip, you can use a bar at the top of your application home screen that keeps details of your trip, progress and time of arrival. In addition, your Uber app gives you access to share your location on social media, Gmail, Whatsapp or via the standard text messaging platform.

One important factor about Uber is that transactions are simply electronic and there is no added charge for this. You can pay your driver by using your debit card. Once done you can rate and your driver and even leave tip if you desire. All of these are optional.

Please note :

The driver will be asked to rate their passengers on a scale of 0 – 5 scales not merely your reputation. If you do have a very poor rating, you might find it very hard getting a ride on Uber in the future.

Safety net.

In order to ensure your safety, Uber has integrated a panic button that lets customers who are in an emergency situation such as accident to simply swipe in the safety icon and be transferred to the 911 assistance services.

How Uber works for drivers.

Now, this is how Uber works for drivers. If you wish to drive with Uber, it is so simple, all you need is contained within the words below :

To begin driving with Uber, ensure you have the following requirements

  • At least three years driving experience
  • Minimum 21 years of age
  • Social security number
  • Designated car.

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To begin your application, you will be required to download a free mobile application called Uber Driver (this is different for every country so visit your country’s Uber page to begin). Fill out your basic information. Remember, it must be accurately filled because Uber will ensure to do a background check on you as well as check your car. Drivers must be at least 21 years old with 3 years experience in driving up their sleeves. You must have an Insurance and will undergo a criminal history check as well.

If you have a speeding ticket, that may not affect your eligibility but if at one time, you have been convicted of a felony or have received a DUI, you might have a hard time proving to be an efficient driver.

Car Requirements:

Before you decide driving with Uber using your car, you must pass the car test. Your car must be a 2008 model or later, four doors and not previously salvaged or built from different car parts. It must be insured and registered as well. Uber will cover basic vehicle inspection which will include checks on your brakes, tyres, lights and seat belts.

Once you have passed Al stages, you are ready to begin riding with Uber. To do this, ain’t download the Uber app for Android or iOS devices. Next turn on the app to receive notifications from drivers who need a lift. With Uber, you can decide on how many hours you wish to work per day, there is no minimum or maximum. What you will make is not just dependent on how many hours but on gasoline and maintenance. You should note that all these will fall as your responsibility.

However, Uber will not take 25% of your daily income. In addition, the money earned via this application must be reported to the IRS.

To use the Uber app, access to the internet is necessary, the good thing is OS runs on a 2GB data connectivity.

You should note that as a driver, this app might reduce you battery standby time since it will run on the background, you are therefore required to have a quality charger with you all the time.


Using Uber as your mobile car-hailing service is a great decision. And now you have all the information of how Uber works for the drivers and the riders (customers). Pick a ride today with your car-hailing service of choice. Do let us know about your experience via this service, we would love to hear from you.

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