Jobs AI Will Replace in the Near Future

When the new millennium started at the stroke of midnight in 2000 everyone was scared that computers and the internet would take over the world and our jobs.  Now we are looking at the jobs AI will replace in the near future.

As you can see, that never happened. The 2000 internet revolution actually created more jobs around the world.

Computers and the internet brought more women into the workforce by allowing them to work from home with their offline positions and by working as affiliates for online businesses and networking.

Computers also created industries like streaming services, social networks, and online retailers like Amazon, which today is a trillion-dollar company, cell phones took over pay phones and landline phones and the list can go on and on.

Now, that same conversation is happening with AI. Yes, some industries and jobs will go away just like with computers and the internet. But more will come up.

While AI will eliminate millions of jobs, according to a report from Gartner, AI will also create 2 million net-new jobs in 2025.

In this blog post we will go over 10 jobs AI will Replace in the next few years or sooner.

Truck and Taxi Drivers

jobs AI will replace
No surprise here. Lyft and Uber revolutionized the car service business and eliminated taxi cabs in their yellow cars.

But, self-driving cars will eliminate the need for drivers to transport people and deliveries.

Companies like Waymo (backed by Google), Cruise (backed by GM), Intel, and others are among those that will take humans away from driving. Waymo is leading the way in approaching bringing an actual product to market.

In Austin, Texas you can hail a free ride in a self-driving car. Like I said it is free now but I can almost guarantee that by next year it won’t be. Advanced AI is growing exponentially.

Now for truck drivers, during and after covid we were already dealing with a shortage of truck drivers. The pay isn’t that great and the hours stink.

Companies like Tesla which are producing self-driving electric semi’s will eliminate this job also.

Courier Services

jobs AI will replace


Drone delivery is already being utilized by companies like Amazon and Walmart for deliveries so it is not unthinkable that eventually drones will be used for courier services.

Security and Military Personnel

jobs AI will replace


This is a big one. The Military wants to bring down the number of lives lost in battle so working with companies to build robots for war is not surprising. These are huge contracts that are worth a lot of money.

High-tech cameras are also eliminating the need for security guards and I am sure down the road, robots will be guarding people also.

Surgical Assistants


The progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics has ushered in groundbreaking opportunities in the field of medicine. With their ability to undertake crucial medical procedures, robotic doctors are poised to assume the role of surgical assistants completely.

Furthermore, robotic doctors possess the potential to eradicate human errors during surgeries. An example of this is the Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot (Star), which has already accomplished a keyhole surgery on pigs autonomously, without any human involvement.

In addition, pharmaceutical laboratories are harnessing AI technology to accelerate the research and development of new drugs, as well as enhance internal pharmaceutical processes. This integration of AI is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry and leading to significant advancements in drug discovery.



Writers have access to a wide range of AI-powered tools that can aid in self-checking their writing. These tools utilize natural language processing to enable writers to identify readability issues, spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes in their work.

One notable example of such a tool is Grammarly. It serves as a prime illustration of the effectiveness of these AI-powered solutions.

I feel like most people knew that this would be one of those jobs that AI will replace early on.

Accountants and Bookkeeping

jobs AI will replace


This is another job/service that everyone kind of knew a few years ago that is on its way out. There are so many AI-powered software that are making it easy for bookkeeping. You basically enter your daily transactions and the rest is taken care of.

All info is entered, recorded, analyzed, and stored accurately. There really is no need for a salaried position any longer with all of the AI technology out already.


jobs AI will replace


Humans were the best salespeople before AI solutions came out. Corporations no longer need salespeople. Advertising has shifted to social media and other search websites like Google.

These platforms have built-in technology so that advertisers can create custom content for different types of audiences.

Also, with the self-serve ad marketplaces generating ads is as easy as 1-2-3.

Brands are also working to connect with customers using content engagement strategies.

Customer Service Representatives

jobs AI will replace


The problems or questions that customers have are mostly repetitive so AI can be programmed to answer any questions or solve problems without the emotional baggage that comes from human interaction.

If by some chance AI cannot help then you are forwarded to a human being on the other end of the phone.

Eventually, however, the technology will become even better so humans will no longer be needed.

Copy Writing

jobs AI will replace


This one is a no-brainer. With sites like ChatGPT and so many others, no one really is hiring a copywriter any longer.

Copy Writing is the first job or gig that is on its way out very soon. As long as someone knows how to create good prompts for any ChatGPT service you will get the copy you need and it will be perfect.



There are plenty of companies that are already using robots in their reception area. Most calls are being managed by AI already.

You have probably experienced using AI when you book a table at a restaurant or try to schedule an appointment with a doctor or any other service.

As AI becomes more advanced AI receptionists will see, listen, understand, and talk with guests and customers.

Wrapping It Up

It is essential to acknowledge the integration of artificial intelligence into our daily lives and know a few years ago that the above would-be jobs AI will replace.

Embracing AI in every job role is crucial, given its ability to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

By automating decision-making processes and mundane tasks, AI enables us to dedicate more attention to creative pursuits and higher-level objectives.

The potential of artificial intelligence is immense, offering numerous advantages such as propelling business growth, streamlining manufacturing processes, and providing invaluable insights.


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