10 Importance of Computer in Our Daily Life

importance of computers
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Computers are quite crucial to our lives today, check out some very great importance of computer in this article. Importance of computer

In this day and age, it has become unimaginable to live without computers.  They have come to be very essential in our daily life. Everyone in every age bracket makes use of the computer to fulfil different types of needs. Every sector of the world has gained from the use of a computer, it’s advantages can never be underestimated.

This article will outline the 10 importance of computer in the modern world of today and how the computer helps in every aspect of life.

Importance of Computer – 10 Points.

Fast and Easy Learning

Computers have a big role in the learning process in education. Students can easily comprehend what they are being taught with the help of the computer,  through videos that show what they are being taught and with other resources made available from using the computer. For instance, computer animations and graphics can be used to understand how the earth moves and the phenomenon of the solar and lunar eclipse. Advantages of the computer in learning

Online classes and lectures are made possible with the help of the computer, you can easily get the education without having to be within the four walls of a school

Increased productivity

Computer help to make workers faster and much more productive. It saves valuable time in the office or business. It makes filing and keeping database and tracking records fast. Account keeping and record keeping is now much easier and less stressful than it used to be in time past. The use of the computer eliminates the abuse of workload while increasing the effectiveness of trade and industry. A computer makes processes very easy in the business sector.

Quick and Cashless Bank Transactions

Online banking is another way that computer helps in banking,  you can retrieve all your previous transaction records within a minute, transfer and receive money from your home, school or office with the click of few buttons. Gone are the days that you have to stand on queues just to send or transfer money.

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A computer makes banking easy,  fast and stress-free. The use of computers also save the banks much money,  they can make use of customized software programming that eliminates paper check transfers. You do not have to carry lots of cash around as there are bank terminals in supermarkets, factories,  schools, hotels,  eateries and many more places. Salaries of employees can easily be paid more safely and faster by just imputing employees’ account numbers. The use of the computer reduces frauds in banking.

Assistance to the Disabled

The computer also helps those who are disabled. Microprocessor based voice system help people with disabilities speaking with terminals that directs the computer to a verbal job, helps the deaf to communicate and the blind to see either with the use of the keyboard or the help of speech synthesizers.  The computer makes the disabled to be more active, performing the task that they could not before.

Easy Exchange of Information and communication

The computer acts as a source of getting lots of information and also a source of giving information out. The computer makes it easy to exchange information, news and reports about advance medical development around the world.

Communication is made easy by the use of emails,  it is a fast means of communication and cost little. Seminars, meetings and conferences can be done between company heads with the use of web video conferencing and can also be broadcasted to all their employees without having to move around.

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Data Processing, Organisation and Presentation

The computer provides the equipment to help manage in the office environment. It provides a word processing type of electronic method that helps in the production and editing of letters, documents, reports and any other thing that needs to be typed. The computer can be used to send memos, prepare spread presentations and spreadsheets. The computer is important in the storing of patient records, scheduling nurses, doctors and other medical personnel, indexing and purchase of drugs and many other things. All bank data can easily be collected and stored in a computer,  and they are also easy to retrieve. Lots of time can be saved when processing data. Books can easily be categorized and catalogued with the help of the computer.

Things such as student registration, class scheduling and test and examination result processing can be carried out fast and efficiently by the computer aiding the school administration.

Diagnose of Diseases and Monitoring

The use of information technology and computer-based equipment has helped doctors to diagnose diseases. It can solve complex problems in the medical field. The computer can be used to oversee body temperature, blood pressure and ECG of a patient, sounding a warning when something goes wrong.

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A computer makes researching much easier and less time to consume for professors, students, researchers who research. Research can be done in an efficient and fast way,  reducing the stress that usually accompanies it. importance of computer in research

A researcher does not have to visit the library. The computer provides a better opportunity for researchers to also share their works with others.


You can easily store your music in any computer device instead of stocking of CDs; you can download and watch movies without having to buy DVDs. You can play video games with video games consoles or any other device for your entertainment.

Advertising and Online purchase

Computers also make easy for small-scale businesses and companies to advertise their products and services to lots of customers and to be able to understand the demands of customers. A computer helps your products and services available 24/7. Computers can be used to make reservations at resturants, hotels, hair salons e.t.c to reduce wait time. You can purchase any product or order any services with the use of the computer from anywhere you are and from anywhere in the world.

That 10 importance of computer we mentioned can be seen by the number of people who make use of it every day. In this time and age,  you don’t need to go through long and strenuous processes to perform certain activities. The computer is always there to make your work easier for you; you just have to give it a command.

There are endless possibilities with computers. What other benefits have computers brought to your life? please share your contributions with us in the comment section.

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