Metal Detecting a Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World

If you are looking for a new hobby, you should give metal detecting a chance. It is one of the oldest and largest hobbies in the world. With metal detecting, you have the chance of discovering and uncovering historical artifacts, priceless jewels, and sometimes junks. You can go out to hunt for treasures and learn more than you ever knew. Metal detecting is a wonderful hobby especially if you are a naturally curious person.

Metal detecting is very fun and exciting. The chances of discovering jewels or artifacts are quite tempting and lucrative. It is not easy embracing a new hobby as you will have to go through lots of trials, failures, and errors before you can perfect it. So, this post is going to make it easier for you to begin your metal detecting journey.

One thing you need to know about metal detecting is that your equipment is one of the most important aspects. It is important that you buy detectors that will meet your expectations. If your intention is to go into gold prospecting, then you will need to choose a detector that will meet that purpose. If you are after hunting for coins or nickels, then you have to get yourself a detector that will meet that purpose. However, if you want to go hunting in the water, then you need a detector that can be submerged inside water. It is possible to find a detector that can perform lots of actions but you need to put your budget into considerations.

Beginner metal detector with autotune manual

TREASURE COVE Metal Detector Kit

This type of detector is appropriate to use by beginners because it is very easy to use. The treasure dove metal detector is easy to carry around due to its portability. It has amazing features that will provide users with the best metal hunting experience. In addition to that, it is designed to be waterproof with its 7.5 inches waterproof coil. You can detect treasure at a depth of 8 inches. It has a display screen which shows the composition and depth of objects.

This detector has an all-metal mode which means it can detect metallic objects that are deeply buried underground. When you move closer to your target, it makes a loud and clear sound to alert users. It comes with a trowel/shovel, carry bag, and headset. Treasure Cove metal detector also has an auto-tune that is easy to turn on and off.

It is about $78.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

This is a metal detector that has an auto-tune feature. It is recommended for a newbie in metal beginners as it is easy to use. It is made with a submersible coil. The Fisher F22 is a metal detector that is useful in all weather conditions. It has a visual target id and adjustable iron audio.

It is sold at $297.70. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Best metal detector for beginners

Nokta Makro Simplex

This is another appropriate metal detector for anyone trying a metal detector for the first time. It is very easy to use and whether you have a prior experience with metal detecting or not, you can understand its functions. This detector can be submerged inside water for up to 10 feet (3m) and it has an automatic and manual ground balance.

This detector is easy to carry around due to its lightweight. It is built with an iron volume and can be adjusted as often as you like. In addition to this, it also has notch discrimination and can differentiate between wanted and unwanted metals.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D. Metal Detector

If you are looking for the right metal detector for your children, then this is the best choice for you. It is very easy to use and carry around. You can take advantage of this to bond with your children. You can hunt for metal together at the park. It is built for children under the age of 10. In addition to this, it has a display screen that informs users if they have discover anything and how deep the treasure lies. This detector can detect anything from coins to gold. It can also be used in wet places and underwater. However, your children will outgrow it as time goes on.

It is about $69.99. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

This detector is multipurpose and it can detect anything such as coins, brass, relics, gold, and so on. It is balanced and very easy to use so it is appropriate for something trying metal detecting for the first time. It has a display screen which makes it display the ID of targets. In addition to this, the Fisher F75 has filter modes and can be used in trashy environments.

This device has a double-D waterproof search coil. It is recommended for hunting for relics, coins, gold, and also on the beach.

It is sold at $549.00. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett ACE Metal Detector

One great thing about this metal detector is that it comes with lots of accessories. It has a weather cover, coil cover, and headphones. It is multipurpose and can detect metals such as coins to gold. The Garrett Ace Metal detector has a digital target ID that is used to display objects after detecting its connectivity on a scale of 0 to 99.

When the connectivity is low, it means the target might be a piece of jewelry, iron, or steel. However, high connectivity represents gold objects. It also comes with a submersible coil.

It is about $299.95. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Воuntу Нuntеr Land Ranger Pro

Even though the bounty hunter metal detector is another best option for beginners, it is quite considerable for entry-level detectors. It offers its users with wonderful feature that would make the transitioning into a metal detector very easy. When detecting, you can use its Target ID to find out what type of metals it finds.

With the Enhanced V-Break, you can set the tone according to the Target ID scales. This means you will be able to customize the signals you want with the tone when you are moving in on a target. There is also a sensitivity setting to decide how sensitive you want the detector to be. This can help to eliminate discovering junks.

It is about $449.00. You can purchase it here on Amazon.


In summary, metal detection is one of the greatest hobbies out there. If you are new to it, then you must be willing to get the right and effective equipment to begin this journey.

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