How To Detect Plagiarism Online For Free

In this piece, we will show you exactly how to detect plagiarism even for free online. But first, What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is considered by many people as an act of “stealing” or “copying” another person’s ideas without referencing the original owner of the idea. It can otherwise be described as “intellectual theft”. A fraudulent act and cheating which involves the cropping and making use of the literary work of another person without giving credit to the source of the idea.

I know, so many people may Ponder whether literary words and ideas can actually be stolen.
The big answer is “Yes”.

how to detect plagiarism

Original ideas are widely accepted and Iias inventions and intellectual property. The United States and other country stipulates copyright laws and duly prosecutes offenders.

All forms of ideas and words are protected by these laws so long they have been documented either on books, diagrams, pictures, videos or on the internet as computer files.

Plagiarism also includes:

  • The failure to attach quotation marks to statements and theories of other people. Culling and rewriting the words from other people’s write-ups while using the same writing structure.
  • Making use of other people’s images and pictures in your work without citing or referencing the owner.
  • The use of music, videos or part of any media item in your work or website without due permission of the original owner.

Plagiarism is hated by many, especially the inventors and they usually strive to ensure that they get justice and due acknowledgements.

Teachers hate it. the schools’ authorities frown against it and on the internet. Google and other search engines consider it as a very hefty offence.

It is very important for students to check the plagiarism statistics in their assignments and research work to avoid a penalty by the school.

In as much as plagiarism is intangible, it is and has always been a very daunting task to detect and control it. The owner may not even know or have an idea that someone somewhere is using his intellectual invention to make money.

On the internet, plagiarism is highly prevalent. People copy and paste at will and Google has always been on the trail of sites with plagiarized contents. Websites with copyrighted contents, images and videos are usually hit by Google punishment hammer while crediting websites with original contents.

Many new writers and website owners usually copy and paste trending and high traffic posts on their websites. They try to cut corners and publish many posts within a day. This is a very big offence.

The original content owners are the victims. They gain nothing from these copycats. Hitherto, many website owners are usually perturbed on how to detect plagiarism or whether contents from their websites have been copied and by who.

After the composition of websites articles, it is usually very paramount for such articles to be checked for plagiarism before being published. The detection of plagiarism can be done for free on the internet using specially designed tools which are outlined below:

How to detect plagiarism – Best Tools for Checking.



This plagiarism tool is free for online users but there is a limitation to the number of daily checks. It is very effective in windows and Android. Plagiarisma is massively supported by Google, Yahoo, Bing’s, academic organizations, schools are colleges. It assists intellectual inventors in detecting copyrighted articles, essays, books, etc. The plagiarisma can be used in detecting plagiarism in over 180 languages. It is done in very simple and straightforward steps.

The texts are copied and pasted in the checkbox. The URL can be entered or the file can be uploaded from the computer. Plagiarisma supports HTML, Txt, Doc, PDF, Docx, PDB, etc.



Users can easily upload the documents from their computers and from the internet cloud. They can copy and paste the text box. This tool preserves the original formatting pattern.
PlagScan checks and detects plagiarism by comparing the entered documents with several other sources on the internet.
It compares the documents with more than 50,000 scientific journals.

PlagScan provides the users with the clue about potential plagiarism. It highlights plagiarized texts and displays the sources of the plagiarism.



This tool is very sophisticated and it checkmates over 50 trillion internet pages and databases. Copyleaks are useful for business and academic writers. It is very useful in detecting plagiarism via a cloud connection. It uproots plagiarized copies of your copyrighted contents on the internet. Copyleaks support files in doc, PDF, HTML and text formats. It supports all the languages in the world.


Viper plagiarism checker

Viper plagiarism checker is highly simplified. The interface can be navigated easily and the scanning process is done in just 3 steps. Viper is available for both desktop and mobile and it checks over 20 billion pages and documents on the Internet.
It takes a blink for it to scan all journals, scripts, essays and several other text files available on the internet. Viper displays a well-detailed report and indicates websites and pages where your pages are copied.



This tool is very popular and widely accepted. Its functionality is automated. Grammarly proofreads and crosses checks for plagiarism. It also detects and analyzes the extent of readability of the documents and highlights areas and texts that should be rearranged.

It undertakes the checking of billions of website pages and highlights paragraphs, passages and phrases that are found elsewhere on the internet pages.
Grammarly is indeed a very important tool for all online publishers. It detects mistakes in sentence structure and provides suggestions and feedback on the choice of words and the suitable sentence structure.



Turnitin is loved by students, teachers, researchers and professors. Over the years, it has served several top colleges and universities as plagiarism detector. Turnitin is very effective in tracking the online plagiarism in an assignment, thesis, research papers, journals and other academic write-ups. Turnitin is unique because it provides feedback and advice to students on how to improve their writing skills.

There are several other online tools for detecting plagiarism but we only considered few of them. All the aforementioned plagiarism checkers have their inherent pros and cons. It is very important for users to make more findings and cross-check which of the tools is best for them.

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