negative effects of technology

30 Negative Effects of Technology on Society, Education, Children and Economy

The various negative effects of technology on the economy, in education, children and the negative impact of Technology on society at large is exactly what you will find in this post.

negative effects of technology

Technology has benefited this generation in many ways. There is increasing access to information, communication as well as reliable networks which improve our way of life. Technology has also been profoundly helpful in the health sector. As patients who previously had no chance of survival will have chances of that through the use of technological materials. Factories today, have increased levels of productivity brought upon by increased access to production machines and applications.

However, it is not without negative impacts as well. There are many more adverse effects of technology on various facets of life. In this post, we will be outlining a considerable number of them.

Negative effects of technology on the economy.

Negative effects of technology on the economy

1. Less need for human employees

With a rapid increase in technology, many companies now rely on increased efficiencies and productivity afforded by using robots, software and other technological machines. Because of this new trend, the need for human employees is declining. For instance, doctors are replaced within certain medical facilities by applications that can evaluate your symptoms and provide a preliminary diagnosis which will thus be handled by the app.

2. Decreased chances of freedom

Technology has brought us to work at home jobs that promise we can work whenever we fill like – promises of freedom. However, the reality is far from this.  According to the American Psychology Association, 52% of American work over the weekend and even more work when sick. This new trend is attributed to the fact that with technology, we find more excuses to take the work ‘home’ and without interventions, we might spend 24 hours straight glued to a technological device.

3. Constant Interruptions leading to less productivity

Although, technology has been proven to offer enhanced productivity features; there is a problem of trying to keep track of our personal life while working. We often drift off, counting likes, emails, friends posts, uploads and downloads in between work hours. This means less time is spent working and more time is spent on Social Media.

4. Zero Cost Inclusion

With the advances in technology, there are increased opportunities for companies to organize meetings without incurring a lot of expenses. These meetings, seminars, webinars and many more are carried out online and do not require that employees travel beyond their location. However, one of the advantages brought upon by this development is the fact that organizers may be tempted to organize back to back meetings and this means that less time would be available for sensitive discussions and ultimately less is achieved.

Negative effects of technology on the Society.

Negative effects of technology on the Society

5. Physical disconnection

Due to the number of Social media platforms available, more and more time is no longer spent building a physical relationship. We are forever trapped in front of the screen, scanning for likes, making uploads, downloads and seeing who has the highest number of likes. Through technology allows us to stay in contact with a friend while providing the avenue to make new ones without distance or language barriers. It has a significant negative effect on our social structure. This is because true friendships become neglected for the sensation of being online.

6. Lack of Sexual boundaries

Kids are today exposed to sexual contents on the net. Even with search filters, we are not sure when a single keyword can be redirected down that part. In addition to this, sexting is becoming a cause for concern among young ones as the anonymity of the internet can push them down that part. This, in no small degree, is one of the major negative effects of Technology on kids.

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7. Lack of Social boundaries

There are increasing concerns about privacy challenges over the internet. People are more prone to being hacked or cyberstalked.

8. Warped sense of Reality

The internet offers an escape route from reality. However, this escape can be detrimental at times. A lot of people lose sight of their goals and objectives while responding to uploads, comedy skits and other entertaining sections of the internet.

9. Higher Levels of Deceit

Since there are increased problems with privacy, individuals may build false profiles and use such accounts in defrauding others of their funds or sensitive information.

10. Pollution

The technological era we live in is rapidly evolving, more upgrades of electronics are made on a daily basis. The turnover rate for updates is quite alarming, and many of these waste products are not disposed of properly. Also, there are no regulations on the disposal of personal E-waste. Therefore the levels of toxicity caused by the creation as well as the disposal of these electronic waste are quite enormous.

11. Neurosis

Technology also causes people to suffer from mental conditions such as delusions, phobias and anxiety and all of these are symptoms of neurosis. These conditions are on the increase because a lot of us have a poor lifestyle and sleeping patterns from excessive use of technology.

12. Addiction

A lot of us are entirely dependent on technology. Specific studies have shown that a good number of people will instantly gain nervous reactions compared to those found of people who are on rehabilitation from drugs just by being far from their smartphones.

13. Depression

Due to the increased lack of contact with others, lack of the right exercise plan, overeating and the sedentary lifestyle afforded by technology, depression are on the rise in our society. Also, the addiction from excessive use of technology has been shown to also give rise to this in many individuals.

14. Lack of proper sleeping habits

A lot of us work on electronic devices around the clock. There is virtually no time given to stretch or sleep. When we stick to such practices for a long time, we alter our sleeping patterns, and this might take a toll on our body.

15. Tendonitis

The overuse of smart devices has been shown to cause repetitive strain injury on the thumbs. This condition, also known as Tendonitis is on the rise in a lot of individuals. It can cause discomfort and pain in the fingers and higher such patients from the use of their hands in other activities.

16. Stress

Constant connection to smart devices has caused increased levels of strain on the brain. This increased levels of stress can cause more serious mental disturbances. This is one of the most common negative effects of technology on our society.

17. Generalized and localized body pain

Constantly looking down and into devices has been found to be one of the leading causes of head and neck pain in many individuals. Over time, the neck may even lose its natural balance. Other health problems that may emerge include, Eyestrains, blurred vision, headaches, and migraines.

 Negative effects of technology on Children.

Negative effects of technology on Children

18. Decreased attention

Technology has been shown to have negative effects on children with regards to their attention and memory. This is caused by an increased ability to respond to multi-stimuli from many watching too many videos or playing a lot of video game.

19. Decreased assimilation and memory.

The Google search engine is a beautiful thing. This lovely app allows kids to gain access to any information they need at any time. However, it also means that less time is spent assimilating information (moreover they can still search for it tomorrow). Due to this, kids no longer task their brain or think creatively.

20. Decreased ability to empathize

Due to the use of electronic devices, kids become less attune to deciphering emotions on the body and faces of others. This, therefore, decreases their social skills and emotional reactions.

21. Safety problems

Children who use technology, sometimes share more information than they should across the unsuspecting network. This information can either place them in danger or expose them to the threats of being cyberbullied.

22. Less physical activity- increased risk of obesity

One of the causes of childhood obesity is the decreased participation in physical activities. With the use of technology, kids spend more time using mobile phones, television, cars rather than engaging in physical activities.

Negative effects of technology on Education.

Negative effects of technology on Education

23. Technical Difficulties

One common negative effect of technology in the classrooms is the consistent issues with regards to technical failures. When equipment is being repaired, or the server used by the institution has some glitches, teachers may face delays with their learning schedules or seek alternative resources.

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24. Lack of development of their Basic skills

Another significant negative effect of technology in education is that it prevents students from developing their mathematical knowledge, ability to solve problems, literacy skills, and communication skills. The exclusive use of computer-based programmes such as grammar checkers and many more are making it entirely hand for students to perform essential functions without seeking assistance from technological devices.

25. Overuse

Technology increases the speed of learning processes. However, we should not substitute it for many subjects such as learning about art. These courses should not only be discussed with the use of computer-aided devices, but students should be thought with lots of practical sessions as this has been proven to be twice as effective.

26. The idea of the gaming section

A lot of kids today, associate technology with video games. This mentality has become a trend common with kids because they spend most of their time on computers playing video games. While teachers can use this to their advantages. It also poses a problem to teach about subjects without these games.

27. Subtle plagiarism

Many students today, do not prepare essays at all using the right format of research and then writing. It is often easier to pick materials online and utilize rewriting tools to make them as original as possible. This, of course, is one of the negative effects of Technology affecting our students in society.

28. Purchasing contents online

A lot of students do not research their materials any more online. All they simply do is either order someone to investigate these materials for them or even do the whole job at once.

29. Lack of creative learning

This generation is plagued with a lack of innovative skills. Education is no longer a platform for learning about how to create new things but simply an avenue for recycling old information. This is because students now lack creative skills and problem-solving skills and instead rely on the internet to solve their problems.


30. Increased levels of cheating

Students not only purchase copies of their tasks over the net but can also hack into their school’s network in search of solutions to their assignments. Smartphones are also used these days to take pictures of notes to use in cheating within the exam. Also, students also use their smartphones to communicate answers with others during a test or exam. All of these are negative effects of technology in the classroom.

These negative effects of technology might make it seem all bad, but that’s not the purpose of these essay. Even as there are negative effects from its use, with proper management, all of these issues can be curbed.

However, do share with us, your insights on the outlined negative effects of technology. We look forward to hearing from you.

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