why technology is bad

13 Major Reasons why Technology is Bad (for Kids, for Society, for Students)

This article seeks to answer the questions on the minds of many why technology is bad for kids, the society and for students.

Technology has made many significant effects on our lives, directly and indirectly. In the same light, these effects are also positive as well as negative. For instance, the digital world is made apparent by the influx of pictures exhibiting flawless imagery rather than reality. In addition, the Internet has been known to promote communication and make the global world seem a lot smaller. However, whereas there are many advantages of technology, there are also major reasons why technology is bad. Therefore, this article will explore all of those reasons.

why technology is bad

Why technology is bad – 13 major reasons.

  1. A menace to societal gatherings

One of the most apparent reasons why technology is bad can be displayed in social gatherings. Due to the number of stuff that can be done over the smartphone. There are decreasing amounts of social events which at one time served to draw people from all beliefs together. As though this is not enough, the few social gatherings are stilted due to the lack of flow of interaction and this is caused by the consistent use of these smart device rather than active engagement with others in this events. Camping trips are now a hub of sharing pictures online rather than having so much fun with others.

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  1. Increased tendencies to isolation

Another reason why technology is bad is the decreased zeal to see the outside world. Many of us are so caught up in virtual reality that we forget there is a world beyond it. People now stay glued to their phones and cannot leave their home for any reason.

why technology is bad
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Children no longer engage in physical activities. And a single separation from these devices are now causes of Anxiety. Due to this, a lot of people now leave in seclusion and no longer see the need to interact with others.

  1. Increased scenarios of Accidents

No texting and driving commercials displayed all around is no longer enough. Due to the use of technological devices on the highway, there have been increased forms of accidents due to this habit while driving.

  1. Insomnia

A lot of individuals in society now suffer from disrupted sleeping patterns and even more no longer possess the ability to sleep. This, of course, is due to the consistent exposure to the bright blue screens on these technological devices, which tweak the mind into believing it is still daylight rather than nighttime.

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  1. Misguided thinking patterns

A lot of individuals now see the use of certain non-technological devices as barbaric. For instance, visiting a physical library, using a physical map, even writing or reading the physical book is fast becoming a thing of the past and seen by many who are misguided as the ‘caveman operations’.

Cheating in the classroom

  1. Increased platforms for cheating

With the lure of “information at the fingertips”, kids no longer see the reason to research and work their way through school. They have increased forms of cheating through their education. Kids now use their devices to search for answers to their exam questions, employ the services of another to figure out their assignments and even hack their school’s networks for answers to their tests.

  1. Cyber challenges

Another reason why technology is bad is that it has brought increased forms of sexting, sexual predator activities and cyberbullying. These activities are even on the increase as the use of technology and its abilities widen.

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  1. Security problems

Due to the increase in technology and its activities, Kids are no longer safe. There is an increased danger that the GPS system might be used against the parents. Kids are also lured away from home by perpetual strangers posing as friends. In addition, a single misstep by our children with regards to sharing private information can bring about dire consequences.

  1. Feelings of Entitlement

One other reason why technology is bad is that, due to its increase, children are now too impatient towards having this. They have increased stress factors and decreased problem-solving skills because they rely on gadgets to do the work for them.

  1. Decreased use of memory

Today, students rely so much on technology to provide answers for them. In addition, there is less time spent learning and retaining information. Even if a particular subject is assigned over again, this tasks will only be fulfilled by the use of the internet, because they cannot remember anything about it the first time. Therefore the abilities to think or be creative are further suppressed by the zeal to find the easy way out.

  1. Lack of Social skills

Kids who spend most of their growing years in front of a technological device share one thing in common: deficiencies or rather a social disorder. They cannot read human emotions, in addition, they have no clues over body language and cannot even detect when they are in danger from others. Also, they have decreased abilities to show compassion or empathize with others.

Why Technology is bad for kids
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels.
  1. No attention

Attention can be seen as the gateway to thinking. It is the first step towards perception, memory, learning, reasoning, decision making and problem thinking. Without being profoundly attentive, all of these results is impossible. Therefore the ability to focus effectively is important. Sadly, may kids have lost the abilities to pay close attention to details. Distraction is now the norm, imaginations seem unnecessary, consistent attention impossible and memory diminished.

  1. Decreased amounts of available jobs

Due to the influx of technological devices that seem to forgo human emotions and embrace efficiency, a lot of people have lost their jobs, careers and important elements for livelihood. These things are being replaced on a daily basis my high tech computers.

Technology has led to many great achievements, but without proper observations, it will turn our kids and society for the worse. And so, here are some of the major reasons why technology is bad. If only we can fight against these major setbacks, only then will its benefits be more apparent. Feel free to let us know the reasons why you feel technology is bad.

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