10 Business Flyers Design Ideas And Free Tips

You will find business flyers ideas from graphic design professionals in this guide. You might consider using flyer advertising if you want to promote your business because it is cost effective. Well, some might not find flyers worthy because it has some disadvantages and most people don’t find it effective thus, they disregard it.

business flyers ideas

Business Flyers Ideas.

Here are some of the best business flyers ideas if you wish to use flyers to promote your business.

  • Know the cost of business flyers

Before you jump into producing a flyer for your business, you should take your time and know how much it costs for designing and printing professional flyers for business. The price of flyer start from $69 for the one-sided flyer. If you want it in bulk, you can get discount starting from 500 one-sided flyers for $159.99. A research from one of our teams recently reveals some tips on how freelance graphic designers should charge their clients when hired to design a flyer. Knowing the cost of a business flyer is significant to your success.

  • Do it yourself

You can actually design professional flyers with your PC or even on your smartphone. So it will be better to design using some of the best graphic design software out there for flyers. In case you will love to design a flyer for your business, follow these tips below. We recommend you read how to make a flyer using Microsoft Word.

  • Keep the information concise

Try as much as possible to edit the content down to the important information you want to pass across. Don’t waffle and try to make the content short.

  • Make the information Easy to Read

When you want to make a flyer, ensure the fonts are large enough and use big, bold header when necessary.

  • Make contact details instantly accessible

Put down all your contact information including your website in a bold and clear colour, mobile number and the date and time of the event. This flyer design tutorial in CorelDraw should better drive home this point.

  • Be realistic

If you are selling a product, make sure you put the name and sample image of the product on the flyers this will not only convert sales more easily but will also improve trust among your clients.
So handle your business flyers like a shops-front put their products on display as they know that people ultimately buy what they see.

  • Gridify

When designing a flyer use a small amount of specs size in a grid form. This is one of the challenges most designer face since the standard size of a flyer is 148 mm x 210 mm or 105 mm x 148 mm. You can do this by first creating a four-part grid, with the top third devoted to the header and image, two irregular-width columns below, and a narrow full-width row at the base of the design. With this, the Flyers will contain a lot of content and still retains a minimal, clean look.

  • Use perfect colour

Using an eye-catching colour like hot pink, sunny yellows and sea blues can be perfect for a specific products promotion and the reverse. So use a friendly colour that will suit the message you want to pass across on your flyer.

  • Make your flyer appear friendly

When designing a flyer and you want to add a human picture, try to use a smiling face so as to appear approachable and friendly to people.

  • Make use of transparencies and gradients

Lastly, Try to make your flyer a keeper; In other to convert more long-term sales, make your flyer a beautiful keepsake.

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