What Is Grammarly Business Model and What to Learn From Them

Most people mistake the Grammarly Business Model to be a business school that they can enroll in. Grammarly business model is not a school you can enroll in, it is a writing assistant and also a plagiarism checking tool for business and corporations.Grammarly Business Model


It handles everything, from contextual spelling to style. It is not like Microsoft Word’s spell checker. Grammarly on its own is just an app that automatically detects wrong grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and mistakes.

What is Grammarly Business Model?

Grammarly business model is under Grammarly customer segments. Grammarly’s customer segments are divided into three. Which are; Grammarly Edu, Grammarly personal and Grammarly business. Grammarly business is about business and corporations.

This software was first released in late 2009. The original owners are Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn. But it was later developed by Grammarly, Inc.

Grammarly Business Model aim is to make sure that in your business are accurate and impressive not only in your numbers but also in your communication as well. It provides effective communication for your entire team. The organizations that have benefited from the business model are Dell, Cisco, and Expedia, etc.

What can I learn from Grammarly?

Are you part of the people that know little about Grammarly? Or you are asking how Grammarly will benefit you? or how you can build a business like Grammarly?

The answer to those questions is in some of the things that you can learn from Grammarly business model. And we are proud to announce to you that you can learn a lot form this (Grammarly Business Model).

Below are the lists of the things that you can learn from Grammarly.

What to learn from them are:

  1. Taking their product to their customer

Grammarly is succeeding because their product is good and because they also take it to their customers. They didn’t wait for the product to advertise itself. The take the product to where their customers. They don’t just sit down and wait for their customers to come and meet them in their office.

This is what you should learn from them. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the hard, technical problems. You may also be thinking that revenue will naturally follow. If Grammarly was thinking like that, they won’t be where they are today.

What we are telling you is that Grammarly’s success has to do with the distributions of their product to various customers and how well the product works. That is an aspect of Grammarly business model.

  1. A good outreach channel to drive growth

Grammarly also uses the internet as a means of advertising their product. The company uses social media to sell its product. It maximizes sale using Facebook for their marketing outreach.

They experimented using different forms of content such as texts and images on different social media platforms.  For example, they did that on Twitter. They also used Television to push the sale of their product to catch those people who are not on social media platforms.

If you have a company today, don’t just sit down and cross your legs hoping that your company will grow naturally. You need to imitate Grammarly by using different channels to spread your business.

  1. Revise Your Business Model

One secret that is making Grammarly successful is that they revised their business model to tap into the biggest opportunity available for its product.  Many companies today sell the first product they developed to other startups and small companies to gain initial growth.

Grammarly is not like that, they are the exact opposite. They sell their product to enterprises before becoming one of the most successful freemium companies. This is what you should learn from them.

To know more about Grammarly business model, you can visit their website now

In conclusion, Grammarly business has proven to be successful. You can check for yourself by the testimonies of others. To benefit from their success, download their app today and sign up for a free package to test the product.

Now, you can boldly tell anyone what a Grammarly business model is, what they can learn from it and how good it is.

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