The 10 Best AI Tools to Use Online

The meteoric rise in the development of AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here.People want to know what the best AI tools are to use.

We have seen the progress over the last few years and we all knew its time would come.

There is no more waiting for it, AI is here and we are seeing the debut of so many tools to use that are free and paid.

AI products that can function independently have become widely accessible, and many of these are being seamlessly incorporated into our daily routines.

Most of the AI tools we will be listing are free and paid so have fun learning and using these great tools.

The best part is all of these are accessed through your web browser.

Here is our list of the best AI tools to use right now:

  • Lumen5
  • Dall-E 2
  • BrandMark.IO
  • ToffeeShare
  • HueMint
  • Fontjoy
  • Wombo Dream
  • Tome AI



Best AI Tools

If you have blogs, whitepapers, and written content that you want to turn into a video then this tool is perfect for you.

You would just paste a link in the field that is provided to you and this tool generates the video for you.

Once the video is uploaded you can then use your creativity along with their machine learning to make edits and enhance the video with colors, your own watermark, or reformat it into different aspect ratios in a matter of seconds.

Lumen5 has free and paid plans.

The free plan does have limits on what you can use but this tool is still awesome to try out. Pricing starts at $49.00 and up.

Try Lumen5 Here


Best AI Tools

Copy.AI uses AI to create copy material and is a free copywriting service.

All you have to do is input the product details along with a description and choose your desired style and tone.

In a few moments, you’ll have professionally written content at your fingertips.

What you basically have is a  ghostwriter available for all of your content writing requirements!

There is a free version to use up to 2000 words and then a paid version for unlimited words.

Try Copy.AI Here

Dall-E 2

Dall-E 2 is an image generator that uses AI (artificial intelligence) and is also an open-source generator.

You basically type what you want and this tool generates an image for you that you can also download.

Whether you add more detail to your prompts and are laser specific with them, Dall-E 2 comes through and generates amazing images for you.

Using this tool is a great way to start expressing your creativity and visions.

Try Dall-E 2 Here


This year, are you planning to start your own business, or build a personal portfolio, or do you need an amazing header for all of your social media channels?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then look no further. is a free AI tool that generates a brand name for you and is based on the description in the prompt that you want.

Just add a name and some keywords and boom it’s done.

There is no free version for this tool but there is also no monthly payments.  You pay one time, and that’s it, forever.

Try BrandMark.IO Here


Have you ever listened to a song and thought, wow the instrumental part of this song would be great without the lyrics?

Guess what, there is a new AI tool for this exactly called LALAL.AI

This is a vocal remover and music source separation service.

This is one of the top audio stem splitters out there right now.

There is a free version to try but then the packages are pay-as-you-go.  There are no monthly fees for the packages.



Do you dislike file sharing because there is always an issue like file size or speed limits?

Look no further.  Basically, with ToffeeShare you can send files directly from your computer or mobile phone.

ToffeeShare is a fast, convenient, secure, and did I say free way to share files.

Their byline states they make sharing sweet!

Try ToffeeShare Here


If you are looking for the perfect colors to use for your designs then you have to check out HueMint.

This machine-learning system will generate colors based on the context that you input.

This amazing tool understands the colors you need for background, foreground, and accents.

It is free to use and definitely worth trying.

Try HueMint Here


Fontjoy is an exciting and groundbreaking tool designed to assist users in uncovering exquisite font pairings for their design ventures.

This tool has a user-friendly interface and advanced algorithms.

Fontjoy gives users an extensive array of font combinations effortlessly.

In just a few steps, the user can discover the ideal font pairing for their project.

Try Fontjoy Here

Wombo Dream

The Canadian company Wombo is the creator of Wombo Dream which is a AI NFT creator program.

Wombo Dream offers a diverse expression of artistic ideas and is very easy to use.

You can create unique designs, NFTs, and even cartoons.

Try Wombo Dream Here

Tome AI

Did you ever have to put together a presentation in a hurry and realized there is no way for this to happen?

There is now.

Tome AI can put together presentations and complete stories with intelligent titles, pagination, page layouts, and page text.

This is simplified and easy to use for you.  You just have to explain what you want and need and this tool does the rest for you.

Try Tome AI Here

Wrapping It Up

AI is advancing exponentially now and the possibilities are endless.

With all of these tools, you can start unlocking your creative side with a little help from AI.

I would definitely start trying these tools and let’s see what you come up with for your personal or business use.

Experiment as much as you can and enjoy the journey with all of the AI tools being unleashed into the world.

Have fun creating!


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