20 disadvantages of internet

20 Disadvantages of the Internet

The Internet has its perks and pitfalls, check out 20 disadvantages of the Internet and the best ways to avoid them.

Almost everyone has access to computers today; a significant part uses the global computer network known as the internet. The Internet provides connectivity, interaction and makes the World look a lot smaller than it really is. However, although the internet is one of man’s greatest creation, it poses a lot of threat to us. Inasmuch as the internet has several advantages, the internet also has many disadvantages as well and this article will outline them for your benefits.


20 disadvantages of internet

Disadvantages of the Internet.

  1. Crime

The internet gives criminals the opportunity to commit crimes, and it also aids them. With people sharing lots of personal information online, it makes it easier for stalkers and criminals to find useful information that they can use to harm you. Hidden places on the internet and the deep web can be a place for criminals to commit crimes without the fear of being caught.

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   2. Bullying

The internet gives way for cyberbullying which is the electronic means of bullying. Cyberbullies post inappropriate and unwanted things about a person or harass them online. This can lead to depression and suicide.

   3. Violent Images and Pornography

There is an infinite amount of content existing on the internet today and among these contents are less desirable materials like pornography and violent Images. Users of the internet can accidentally come across these unwanted images. Minors have easy access to pornography through the use of the internet; the web does not restrict them from going to these sites. This can lead them to be sexually addicted or sexually defiant. The internet creates and gives false notions about sex.

   4. Wrong Information

Wrong information can quickly be passed through the internet. There is plenty of false information on the internet. Anyone can come and post anything they like on the internet.

wrong information

   5. Neglect to Studies

Like we mentioned in our previous article about the disadvantages of technology in education, some students who ought to study, spend all their time on the internet performing unnecessary activities that can be harmful to them. The time that should be devoted to studying is spent on the internet. They can no longer manage their time, spending all the time chatting and socializing with their friends on the internet. This can cause low grades to these students.

   6. Social Isolation

Some people especially young people are finding it very hard to communicate with their friends and families face to face.  They prefer to sit on their rooms chatting and socializing with friends online, being the social butterfly on the internet and social inept when it comes to physical communication. They depend on the internet as their only source of communication over physical interactions.

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   7. Anonymity

A great deal of anonymity is allowed on the internet to a large number of people who access different websites. This helps perverted people to easily prey on innocent and unsuspecting people,  gaining and abusing their trust.

   8. Limited Physical Activity

Due to a host of games and other fun activities available on the internet, people do not want to be involved in physical and outdoor activities anymore. This can lead to some lifestyle-related diseases such as Obesity. Also sitting continuously in front of a computer screen or any other device screen can cause severe strain to the eyes and even to the neck and shoulders.

    9. Distraction

It causes Distraction
Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels.

The internet acts as a distraction to both employees and students. It offers sources of entertainment that are often very hard to resist.

Some employees spend the time that should be used for work to go to their social media accounts to perform unnecessary activities which can reduce their productivity and lead them to lose their jobs. Students also are distracted by games, videos, social media networks and many more.


   10. Work Life imbalance

The internet has made it easy to access office emails and software from anywhere so any times; employees are expected to work after they have left for home. This may be good for the business but not for the employees as it brings about work-life imbalance.

   11. Sleep Disorder

People tend to sleep with their phones under their pillows or by their bedside,  checking on their social media Notifications now and then. Making use of your computer or mobile at bedtime can stop the natural process of falling asleep and can lead to insomnia and other sleep disorder.

   12. Depression

Looking at other people post about them having fun can produce a feeling of inferiority in some people. People are creating a false image of themselves on the internet just to attract attention. Those who lead a simple life (and might even have a good experience than the fake people) often feel low and isolated when they see others having fun and partying. This can lead to low self-esteem and depression.

  13. Over Spending

Shopping on the internet has helped ease the way we buy. We no longer need to go from shop to shop to get what we need. You can browse through a variety of things and order them within minutes. But this often causes overspending as some people tend to buy more than they need and also plenty of unnecessary things. Too many online sellers have levy inconvenience charges and other hidden charges that are not revealed until you buy. This makes it one of the disadvantages of the internet.

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   14. Addiction

The internet is not only a detriment to our physical fitness but also to our mental health. So many people are obsessed with the internet today and cannot function without it. Some eventually end up in rehabilitation centres.

    15. Cyber Crime

The internet gives cybercriminals the means to steal your money. Cybercriminals can deceive you into downloading a backdoor Trojan that will provide them with access to your PC where your bank credentials can be recorded. They can also trick you into revealing your bank credentials through a phishing scam.

   16. Virus

The internet makes it easy for your computer or any other internet device to be affected by a virus. Virus programs cannot be easily noticed and can be activated by simply clicking on a seemingly harmless link. The virus can affect files and stop your computer from starting up again. Some virus can be harmless but still harmful to your system.

   17. Spam

Spams are unnecessary emails and advertisements. They can slow down your system and make you face a lot of problems when checking your emails. Spams make you confused since important emails are also stored with them.

   18. Risks

The use of the internet makes some people go through unnecessary risks just to be on the internet. Some are on the internet while working on the street and also while driving. This is a danger to them and also to people in their vicinity.

19. A wrong view of body image

The internet is filled with pictures and videos of seemingly perfect people. The beauty standards are hard to achieve today, and this can lead to people feeling inferior because of their weight, height, and size since the internet portrays what society deems as a perfect image. This leads to low self-esteem and eating disorders.

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20. Independent Thinking

The internet can stop people from saying what really want to say and liking what they what to love because they are afraid of being criticized. They follow the treads put up by others without giving their honest opinions.

Independent thinking

The internet has come to stay, even with its numerous disadvantages, it is still beneficial in our day to day activities. We should also know that the internet does not provide obstacles if used wisely. Therefore, with a good knowledge of its disadvantages, we can optimize our use of the internet and derive more of its benefits. What other disadvantages of the Internet can you think off? Please share with us.

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