10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Email

The advantages and disadvantages of email are what this post is all about.

What is Email, Actually?

Email is the acronym for electronic mail. Emails provide the platform for text messages to be sent to the receivers by the help of telecommunication links.  You can transfer messages through the network protocols to one or to multiple users at the same time using an email.

Email messages are delivered instantly and the receiver can reply immediately. The sent and the received messages go through the mail server protocols which are designed by the networking systems.

what is email?

For an email to be sent or received, both the person sending and the person receiving must have their personal email accounts. This can be registered via any mail providers like Yahoo mail,  Google mail (Gmail),  Hotmail, etc. Registration of email accounts is 100% free.

The email has its pros as well as cons. In this post, we shall bring to the fore the advantages and disadvantages of email. But first thing first, I would like us to quickly take a look at some of the merits of email and why you should start using it either for personal use or for your business.

Advantages of Email.

  1. Free messaging

Email is free. You can actually send and receive email messages massively at no cost forever. It offers a far more cheap option of communication than phone calls and text messages. Once you register and get your email address, you can then send loads of business emails and several other types at no cost.

  1. Quick message delivery

Email messages are delivered almost immediately. It is instant messaging as it is delivered within a blink.  The speed of delivery of the email messages eliminates the delay of waiting to establish phone calls.

  1. Ability to send multimedia messages

The email allows the users to send any type of file like pictures, videos, texts, audio,  document files,  etc. This is done by making use of the attachment option. Pictures and videos provide a better description of messages than plaintexts.

  1. Easy referencing

One of the advantages of email is that you can send email messages even when the recipient is offline. The delivered message can be stored and saved for him to read at any time. This provides a better and easier referencing as the emails can be reviewed and arranged for easy perusal at any point in time. The days and time of delivery will be recorded for reference purpose.

  1. Simplicity

Sending and receiving emails are very simple and easy.  As a beginner, you can easily handle the mail “Compose” option. The mails arrangements are automatic, so the user does not find it difficult to navigate through the sending and receiving processes.

  1. It’s globalized

The email is web-based hence users can have access to it anywhere and anytime so long there is internet availability. Users can send emails to colleagues, friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Among the advantages of email, this point stands out since you can send email to anyone irrespective of their location.

  1. Emails support the planets

Yes!  Email do not require paper or anything green. It offers huge benefits for the planet. As we know, papers are manufactured from a tree but emails do not require the bringing down of any trees. If all communications were done through emails, then the environment would have been saved because there would be no need for papers.

  1. Less expensive advertising

Email offers a cheap and easy platform for companies and businesses to reach out to their customers. It is one of the cheapest and easiest methods of advertisements as loads of emails can be sent to thousands and even millions of receivers at the same time with very little effort.

  1. Automated messaging and automated response

Emails can function as virtual assistants.  They offer the platform for users to configure automatic sending of emails. Users can compose emails and then set the scheduled time for the emails to be sent automatically even when he is offline.

You can even set up email auto-responder to send your emails automatically whenever you receive an email. Using autoresponder is no doubt one of the advantages of email.

  1. Flexibility

Email messaging is very flexible and convenient. You can send messages at any time of the day. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send and you can send to multiple recipients at the same time.

Having gone through the advantages of email, Let us also look at the various disadvantages of email.

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Disadvantages of email.

demerits of email

There are so many advantages of emails,  but this does not negate the fact that the electronic mail also has its own cons.

  1. Poor privacy

All electronic mails must pass through mail server protocols. This exposes the mail to Incessant exposure and information leakage if the network server is hacked. In light of this,  email messaging has little or no privacy.

  1. Virus infection

This is one of the major disadvantages of emails.  Viruses and over malicious files can be sent through emails and when such emails are opened,  the viruses will spread and cause damage to the computer.

  1. Spamming

Spams are unwanted emails that are sent randomly to the email server.  Such emails can be quite disgusting. Most spammy emails usually carry viruses and can easily damage the computer system.

  1. Lack of cordiality

Email does not have a personal touch for cordiality since there is no audio or face to face interaction. For instance, Some messages require to be conveyed in auditory mode if such messages are sent as emails then the efficacy of the information might be lacking.

  1. Overlooking of messages.

Email does not have delivery alerts hence most of the messages are usually overlooked and this can cause message overloading.

  1. Distraction

Emails can cause an incessant distraction at work especially when you are freaky with the internet.  Users may become used to reloading to check for new emails.  This can waste lots of time and reduce efficiency at work.

  1. Misunderstanding

People usually misunderstand some email messages.  This might be caused by an error in spelling by the sender or incoherent expression.

  1. The spread of fake stories

Rumours and fake information can easily be spread to thousands or Millions of people via the email. This can be very detrimental as so many may be misled by the wrong information.

  1. The stress of password recovery

Users that forget their emails are usually out through a series of password recovery steps. This can be very strenuous and time-consuming. Most people lose their emails as a result of this.

  1. Addiction

Checking for new emails can be very addictive. Users easily become addicted to reloading their phones their email platforms to check for new messages.

And there you have it, the advantages and disadvantages of email. If you have questions, drop it below in the comment box.

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