How to Track Someone’s Location on Facebook easily with App

Learn how you can check someone’s location on Facebook Messenger with Facebook location tracker app or software listed here, whether they are your friends or not.

Facebook is increasingly making it quite easier to find accurate information to someone’s location using the Facebook user location finder.

This feature was introduced last year into the Facebook Messenger app and can be rightly called a Facebook messenger location hack, but this hack was integrated by Facebook itself.

With the Facebook Location feature, you can coordinate with friends, tell people how close you are to an appointment or even share your proposed location. You can simply share this Live Location with a group of friends in the Messenger app or with a single person. The Facebook location tracker is simply a splendid tool but you can use it in different ways. Stick around to learn more.

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Facebook Location Tracker – How to start.

Method 1: How to check a person’s location using the Facebook Live Location feature

However, this process of tracking the location of a Facebook user can be carried out, whether on Android or IOS devices as long as there is location information to share. In addition, it is simply the same process although only a bit different configurations may adjust it a little bit.

You should also note that this method can only work if you and your friend share location with one another. But you can still share yours, all the same, I will be illustrating this by sharing mine:

Here, I will also be using an Android setup to should you this wonderful Facebook Location hack.

  • Launch the Facebook Messenger app
  • Click on the friend you wish to share your location with:

Facebook location tracker

  • Now Enable the Live Location feature by tapping the three dots square on the bottom right corner of your Desktop or the Blue sign on the bottom right corner of your Android phone
How to track someone's location on Facebook
Facebook Tracking
  • Tap location and hit the send button

How to track location on Facebook

  • Your location will now appear on the chat
  • When your friends send their location, it will also appear in the chat, tap the map marked by the ref pin to see theirs.

Method 2: How to see someone’s location using the Facebook messenger location hack.

Looking at the first example, you can see the obvious flaw, your friend must be want to be seen before you can see them. This, therefore, means that you need a Facebook location tracker that allows you to snoop around without the awareness of the other party.

To do this, there are two main tools that can work perfectly well for you. You can either use the Marauder’s tracking tool or the Flexispy tracking tool (Recommended). I will be explaining this in details in the next section.

Using the Flexispy app

In this digital era there is no one way to track anyone, but when you do not want their consent, using this Facebook location tracking tool is an excellent method. The Spyzie software is tracking software that works both on Android and iOS devices and you can use it to track someone’s location on Facebook.

To use the Spyzie, follow the steps below:

  • First, create an account with Flexispy, you can quickly create a trial account and pick the premium account later which would require a paid subscription (but the premium plan is required to use the Facebook tracking feature). However, ensure that his process is done on a desktop.
  • The next step involves clicking on the signup button you see and this will take you to the Wizard page. Here you just have to follow instructions carefully as they unfold.
  • If you own an iPhone, you will simply need to verify the account for your target iPhone. As an Andriod user, all you will need to do is to install the app on the phone.
  • Now launch the app, navigate the “settings” category and subsection “security” to and enable “unknown users” option. However note that to use the Facebook Tracking option, you will need a premium plan.
  • For an iPhone user, you will have to verify your iCloud account. For an Andriod user, simply open your Spyzie account on the mobile app and activate it.
  • Go back to the desktop screen and grant permission to your target device.
  • Now you can log-in using the app on your phone and begin monitoring all activities on Facebook. This also applies to other social media accounts. If you have any question regarding this Facebook location tracker app, try dropping your comment below this post for an instant response.

Track Someone’s Location with Marauder’s App

How do you track location on Facebook

The Marauders app also allows you to locate your friends without their consent. In fact, it gives pretty specific details. If you have watched the Harry Potter movie, you will quickly grasp the extent of its locating ability. Simply put, it gives you access to a person’s location using a triangular angulation. The only problem with the Marauder’s map is that your friends must have their location turned on for it to work. But you certainly do not need their consent for it.

To begin:

  • Simply visit your Chrome web store by phone or desktop and download the extension file
  • Next, enable the developer mode on your chrome  settings
  • After this, you can now see your friend’s Facebook Location

Facebook location tracker apps come in varieties; we have listed some of them. Feel free to use any of them that works for you.

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