Ways to Find Your Android Phone Without App


If you wish to use the “find my phone” feature for Android without an app installed, follow this short guide for details.

It is normal to worry about losing your Android phone, probably because it is expensive or maybe you’ve got some sensitive data on it. However, whatever the case may be, losing your device is not a good thing.

This is why we are doing this article to help you find or easily track your Android phone in case you lose it or thieves snatch it from you. I should also let you know that GPS phone trackers are also there to secure your Android, iPhone and even Windows device. As long as you follow the laid down procedures, you can find your device any time you lose it.

In this article, we’ll be discussing various guidelines and features to Find My Phone for Android without an app.

find my phone for android

Before I begin, there are key facts you should note to help you understand this guide and use it effectively to track or locate your missing or stolen Android device.

How to Find Your Phone for Android.

Key Facts to Note

  • Find my device must be enabled on your Android device before you lose your phone.
  • For some other devices, you might also need to download the find my device app from the PlayStore to fully enable it.
  • You must also have an active Gmail account on your device

You must at least have done two of these steps on your device, to comfortably track or locate it. I’m about to walk you through a guide on how to enable find my device on your Android device. For those that still have their phones with them, following this guide might be a security conscious step to ensure your phone’s safety if it eventually gets lost.

How to Enable Find my Device on your Android phone

First, you’ll have to;

  • Launch the settings app, and select security
  • Next, select device administrator from the list
  • And then check the find my device check box

find my phone for androidEnable Find my Device on your Android

With these 4 easy steps, you have enabled find my device for your Android phone. However, in case you do not ’t see any option to find my device on your device admin section, then you must download the find my device app to fully enable this function on your Android device.

Just immediately after this step, you might also need to enable location services, as they work hand-in-hand with Google, in locating any lost devices.

How to Start Location Services on your Android Device

To do this you will have to first,

  • Launch the setting app on your device
  • Next, select Location from the menu
  • And then turn the location switch on
  • Also, select mode and then set it to high accuracy

Enable Location Services on your Androidfind my phone for android-Enable Location Services on your Android

  • Next, tap the back button to return to the location menu
  • Select Google location history

Enable Location Services on your Android

  • Turn on use location history toggle button
  • Finally, switch the toggle button on.

find my phone for android-Enable Location Services on your Android

With these easy steps, you’ve fully setup find my device for your Android phone and can comfortably locate and track your phone, if needed.

While enabling your location services, if you have an active Gmail account on the device, Google would request that you login to it so that it will work with that account. So, make sure you have unrestricted access to that Gmail account, as it will come in handy someday.

Find your Missing or Stolen Android Phone on the Web

These easy steps will help you locate your Android phone without any app but using a regular web browser on absolutely any device.

  • Launch any web browser on any phone, tablet or computer device browser
  • Input google.com/android/find on the URL section
  • Enter the necessary details on the Google email and password section

Find your Missing or Stolen Android Device

After this, Google Find my device interface would show up, with a location of the missing device and a list of three action modes that you can choose from.

  • Play a Sound – This feature is most helpful if the device in question is within reach. You can play a sound so as to pinpoint its exact location.
  • Secure your Device – With the Google find my device feature, you can safely secure your device so that anyone that finds it can not access your phone screen.
  • Erase your Phone – Erasing your mobile device includes erasing all of your personal and sensitive data. However, you can use this option when you know that you may not be able to get the phone back.


In conclusion, we showed you how the find my phone for Android devices works. You now know the process to follow on an Android device and browser. Also, we are sure you can use this guide in case you ever need to recover your lost Android devices.

Finally, send us feedback on how helpful this guide is to you.

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