What are 4l60e Transmission Fluid Capacity and Types

What is a transmission?

Transmission is the gearbox that provides the torque conversion and speed from the engine to the wheels. The transmission must be constantly lubricated for effective performance using the transmission fluid. There are different types of fluids for various transmissions. It is left to every person to know the type of transmission fluid compatible with their vehicle transmission. The transmission of every vehicle is either manual or automatic.

The manual transmission uses oils with API of GL-4 while automatic transmission on the other hand uses an automatic transmission fluid (ATF). To know whether you are using the correct and recommended transmission for your vehicle, you need to check the owner’s manual. It is important that the transmission fluid of the car is at the right level. If not, it might cause the transmission to wear. If the transmission fluid is low, this might cause significant wear on some of the components and make shifting the car quite difficult. The cause of your car’s inability to shift is usually caused by low transmission oil. The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating parts of the transmission, cleaning metal surfaces, enhancing cooling function, and also increasing the rotational speed and temperature range.

Benefits of transmission fluid

Fresh transmission fluid can provide your vehicle with a better fuel economy. This is because a fresh fluid can resist oxidation and also meet the standard of viscosity quite easily. It will help manage your vehicle’s fuel. When you change the fluid of your transmission by yourself, it can save you money. Furthermore, if you make use of a synthetic, it has transmission has a longer and better lifespan.

There are so many factors that can damage your transmission and cause it rust or corrosion. When you change your transmission fluid at the right time, it will help to reduce potential damage to your transmission. In addition to this, checking and servicing the transmission fluid of your car regularly will make the gear move smoother than before. It will have a much smoother shifting.

Finally, to maintain your car, ensure it gets regular fluid top off and a flush when recommended. When you do this routinely, it helps to keep the transmission in perfect condition and give it a long life span.

Types of transmission fluid

The transmission fluid of a car can either be manual or transmission. There are various fluids for different transmission. Some of the different types of fluids in the market are:

  • Dexron III/Mercon: This is the most common transmission fluids at the moment. It is automatic transmission fluid and is highly recommended for GM and Ford units.
  • Type F: This type of fluid is mostly used by an antique or a classic car. There really is nothing that uses this type of fluid anymore nowadays. It was mainly designed for Ford that makes use of bronze clutches.
  • HFM-Style Fluids: This is an acronym that stands for Highly Friction Modified. Vehicles like Chryslers ATF, Jeep, Honda/Acura, Toyota, Saturn, and so on make use of it.

4l60e transmission fluid

The 4L60E is a series of ATF transmission developed by General Motors. They were designed for their engine (longitudinal) configuration which has about 4 gears and a reverse gear. The engine is the evolution of Turbo Hydromantic 700R4. It was renamed 4L60 where the E stands for electronically shift version of the engines automatic transmission.

4l60e transmission pan removal

The first thing to do is to locate it under the car. Once you do this, remove the plastic cover. After removing the cover, you should be starring at the transmission pan. If you remove the pan, many oil will fall out of it. To avoid a huge splash, you can remove the bolt in front and at the back of the pan using a screw driver. This will let the pan dangle and the oil will drain out from one side, thereby avoiding a mess. You can then use a drain bowl to gather the oil as it is falling out of the pan.

If the oil has drained out of the pan, you can now remove all the bolts. However, do not get rid of the drain bucket from underneath the car in case there is still remnants of oil. Once you have removed the pan, it is recommended that you install a new filter and gasket. After installing the both, you can now try to fix the pan following the removal process. However, when fixing it, do not tighten he bolts immediately. You need to get it all in first before tighten it. Do not screw it too much to avoid damaging the transmission. Once it is fixed, you have to go on top to refill it with a transmission fluid.

When to change 4l60e transmission fluid

To avoid causing damages to your vehicles engine, you need to change the transmission fluid regularly or when it is recommended by the manual of your car. Do not wait until it starts to have negative effect of the engine. If you notice that the normal capacity of the fluid is running low or getting dried p, then you need to get it changed.

4l60e transmission fluid capacity and type

The transmission fluid type and capacity for a 4160E transmission for the following cars are:

  • Cadillac: DEXRON III, 13.5 quarts
  • ISUZU: DEXRON III, 11.2 quarts
  • Chevrolet: DEXRON III, 13.5 quarts
  • Pontiac: DEXRON III, 11 quarts
  • SAAB: DEXRON III, 11 quarts
  • Oldsmobile: DEXRON III, 11 quarts

How much fluid does a 4l80e hold

The former capacity for a 4L80E is 7.7 quarts and the fill is about 14.0 quarts. If it has an additional cooler, it might be higher. The capacity changes yearly so it is advisable to check your manual to get the correct measurement.

How much transmission fluid does a 4l60e hold

A 4L60E needs about 12 quarts of fluid. The capacity vary die to the pan it is using.

How much transmission fluid does a 4l60e torque converter hold

If a torque converter has about 12”, it will hold about 12 to 13 quarts. This figure can change due to availability of extra components. A converter will a little or lesser diameter will require less quarts but adding another cooler will increase it.

If you want to be certain about the measurement, then you should check the manual of your vehicle.

4l60e transmission fluid how many quarts

A 4160e needs about 12 quarts of fluid but this depend the pan it is using. A deep pan might require more quarts of fluid.


Finally, this is what there is to know about your vehicle transmission fluid. Always remember to check your fluid and change it when necessary to improve the lifespan of your car. The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating the transmission for effective performance.

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