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The 5 Best Android Apps Free in 2022 for Photo Editing

Downloading the best android apps free can be challenging. Whether you want to get better use out of your existing Android phone or bear a unique one you like to fill up, the suitable app can convey it to life. There are so many apps out there that it can be overwhelming to discover good ones to establish. This article helps you discover those android apps.

We’ve been using the Google Store for an extended period to find the best Android app, placing them through their paces to assure that they are worth the download. I have found great apps in Photo editing categories

We continuously update this article with new Android apps to regard. All of them are free. However, all of them have been selected by Experts, so don’t worry; you are getting the best apps for your android phone

Do you know about Android Apps?

Android App is a software developed to run on an Android machine. The word also refers to an APK file which stands for Android box. … Android apps can be created in Kotlin, Java, and C++

How to Download Android Apps Free?

1.Open Google Play. On your phone, use the Play Store app
2.Search an app that you want
3.To check your desired app, How’s it? Check the review of what other people are saying.
4.When you choose an app, Hit Install for free or paid

Best android apps free for photo Editing


PicsArt is one of the most famous photo editor apps on Android, and for a good cause. It likely has every single device you would require for primary and developed photo editing, from other production tools to set reduction and the ability to add text and multiple image layers, just like more advanced software like Photoshop. You can even create collages and banners for your social media using Pics Art.

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is known for its best photo and video editing apps for Windows and Mac. Lightroom is one of those apps that’s very well-renowned among experienced photo editors and created available on Android.

Like the name would indicate, Light room is a photo editor for Android that allows you to play around with light and shades in a photo. You can tamper around with the direction levels, highlights, shadows, and especially coloring tones in a picture. Light room is a wonderful place to start. Suppose you enjoy color grading your photos. You can even obtain Light room presets from all over the internet that can adjust the paint system of your pictures, if you don’t like to edit them in hours.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Just like Light room, Adobe Photoshop is also a feature of Adobe’s apps and stands as one of the numerous famous, if not the most famous, photo editor apps on Windows and Mac. If you’re wondering what’s different between Light room and Photoshop Express. Light room, as stated earlier, is more for colour grading and squeezing the details in a picture, like contrast and saturation.

Where Photoshop deals with counting or drawing different parts in the picture, like other image coatings and stickers and adding text, you can first use Light room to squeeze the stains in a picture and then import it into Photoshop to add extra elements you want to.


VSCO is basically like a sociable app though just for pictures. It’s a small like Pinterest in the grounds that users can publish their photographs for other “VSCO” people to take a glance at and enjoy. Apart from existing a forum to share your pictures. VSCO includes an in-built image editor that performs great for necessary improvements in lighting and shades, just like Light room.


Pixlr presents the same no-frills knowledge in the reason you don’t have to log in or submit your information before you can start cleansing your photos. The UI is simplistic and examines attractive with a new panoramic experience every moment you start the app.

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Ending Lines

The choices are clear – you can edit a picture, make a collage, or decide to edit based on a pre-existing template. In times of features, you get everything you would hope from an image editing app and nobody is concealed after a paywall. There’s also a paid version. that’s just to avoid ads.

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