How The Mint Budgeting App Works

How to use the Mint app


Mint Budgeting app is a free tool that helps in planning personal finances. So you can now have your budget planned out perfectly.

Mint Budgeting app

Like we shared earlier while listing some of the best budgeting apps for Canadians, the Mint budgeting app has simple technological features with great informative graphics that will explain your finance in a very cute pictorial layout. The Money management features of the Mint app allows its Users pay bills on time, save for very important items and have a good evaluation of the credit scores.

The Mint app also allows its Users keep track of investments like most of these expense tracker app earlier posted and should any suspicious alerts come up on your accounts, you will be immediately informed via the Mint app. All that is required to use the Mint app is a simple signing process and then connecting your accounts.

Mint Budgeting App Review And Features.

1. See all, through one: The Mint budgeting app allows you to view everything from balances to credit scores, the whole deal about your financial life in an easily understandable manner.

2. Tracking your Bills: This application allows for easy tracking of all bills made on your account.

3. Easy Budgeting: Mint app allows an easy way to set all budgets for future financial goals whether complex or single-minded goals.

4. Free Credit Score: A good look at your financial position is a great way of understanding how your prospects are, most times your mind is never the perfect way to truly understand your financial position, therefore with the Mint app, you can view your true and current financial position at every time.

5. Alerts and Investment tracking: The Mint app allows access to every activity on your account, investments, bills payment and all suspicious login attempts.

6. Security: The Mint budgeting app uses a topnotch security feature powered by VeriSign(Norton) to ensure that your accounts stay protected against hacks. The Security feature also utilizes a multi-authentication factor to give added security so no one can access your account but you. Every change to your security details by any party, you will also be notified.

Like every other good business apps, the Mint budgeting app comes with security features like security questions, 4-digit code and Touch ID. In addition, should your mobile phone get missing, you can easily erase your account information from a different location.

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How To Use The Mint App To Manage Your Finances.

How to use the Mint budgeting app
How to use the Mint app.

Syncing accounts like checking, credit cards and bills are important to understanding because your Mint works best when it has all the information it requires. So you will have the perfect picture at a glance.

To get started on using the Mint package, you will have to sign up on this website.

Next, follow the instructions to all your accounts to the Mint platform, you will also be asked to create a password. One great advantage of using the Mint platform which you will witness is that Mint also has connections with a lot of banks and therefore, you will have a lot of advantages by linking your accounts to this platform.

After, linking all your accounts, Mint will give you an infographic view of all your finances and then ask you to develop a budget. Using your finance, Mint will first give a sample budget which you can adjust, add and remove to suit your desires.  With Mint you will view all your spending trends and track your progress on keeping your budget.

How to Create a Budget on Mint.

Here’s how to create the budget on the Mint:

1. Purchase Categories: The Mint website allows its users to divide purchases into multiple categories for a more accurate application.

2. Splitting Up Transactions: You can divide the purchases into different categories, you can add details under ” edit details” and split into sections using the  ” split transaction” button.

You can also track your cash and deduct cash very easily from your Mint budget after you must have used the ATM  to make withdrawals by simply clicking “cash”.

3. Customize Notifications: Mint users can customize an array of notifications to suit their desires, in ways such as by monthly notices, or daily or weekly.   Notices can be set for unusual deposits or withdrawals and so much more.

Downloading Mint App For Android And iPhone.

To download the Mint app for Android and iOS devices, follow the links below:

The Mint budgeting app is indeed a beautiful mobile app to help you budget and take full control of your finances. There are no limits to using this app and a good thing about it is that this application is free.


If you require more information about using this application, you can place a comment below, let us discuss it.

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