5 Superfast Charging Apps Download for Android And iPhone that Works

In the post, you will learn about the fast charging app. I am sure you have experienced a situation when your battery either ran out or keeps running out even after a full normal charge. The reason is not that your battery is old. But sometimes it could be due to some apps that are consuming power in the background. And that is why you can use fast charging apps to keep your battery performing at peak installed capacity. Also, you should know that for your phone to charge fast what the apps do is to kill auto-restart apps and background apps that drain your battery. Besides, there are many of these apps available on the Google play store and a few on the iOS store.

And all you have to do to start using one is to download and install it on your Android or iOS devices. So, if you need a fast charging app to download for Android And iPhone that truly works, you are in the right place. In this article, we will give you 5 of the best superfast charging apps that are available for your devices right away.

5 Superfast charging apps Download for Android And iPhone that works

List of fast charging app

Super Fast Charging

Superfast charging is a popular Andriod app that can charge your Android device 10 times faster than usual. That is the top reason that it is in the list of fast charging app. Also, this app stops background apps that drain your battery. Besides, it has many premium features like being Ad-Free. Moreover, you can download and install this app from Google play store and start it instantly to supercharge your device.

Some of its other features include a fast Battery charger, extending the life of your battery, shows battery’s basic information like Temperature, Technology, Voltage, Health, Plugged and Charge detail. Also, it has a beautiful design and it is simple to use. Go ahead and download the app from the Google Playstore now.

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Ultra-fast charging

Ultra-fast charging app is a new app for charging your battery. And it is the second in this list of fast charging app. The app kills all background processes with one click. And helps you to charge your Android phone fast.

It is a fantastic wireless charging app that can scan all services that are consuming the battery like Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, data, high bright screen and screen time out. In addition, you can use the app as a battery saver app to check the battery performance of your Smartphone. You can download the app from the Google playstore.

Other fast charging apps

Dr. Battery

Dr. Battery has more than 4.5 Star Rating on Google play store with 40,000+ Active users. That is why we have the app in the list of fast charging app. And if you are looking for Android Cleaner you can use it too. Also, this app provides advance features for boosting your charging speed up to 10X faster than normal charging speed.

Some of its other features include accurately showing the battery status and remaining time, Smart battery consumption optimization with just One-Tap, efficient monitoring of power usage, kills unnecessary tasks with just a tap of the Optimize button. You can download the app from the Playstore.

Best Battery Saver

Best Battery Saver is on the list of the fast charging app that you can download for your iOS devices. This app saves power, extends battery life and gives you so much satisfaction. It will be as if your iPhone has a new Battery at all times.

Its other features include saving more than 50% battery time and elongating the battery working life. Easy user interface for fast access and you can see the battery level gauge and the remaining Percentage of battery that is yet to charge. You can download the app from the iOS store.

Fast Charger

This app will help you to monitor background apps when they are not being used and also remind you about apps that consume a lot of power. The Fast Charger App will also scan all services that are consuming the phone battery like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data and High screen brightness.

Some of its features are Ultra Fast Battery Charging, which helps you to close all services consuming battery on the screen, improves charging time and extends battery time. You can download if for your Android from the Google PlayStore.


In this article, we explored 5 fast charging app that you can download for Android And iPhone that works. We listed five of the best that we can find in the Stores. Many of the apps are for Android devices with a few for iOS devices. You can download any of them to test their efficacy. Try one today and send us feedback.


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