Amazon Customer Service

How To Contact The Amazon Customer Service

Amazon customer service email address and other contact details are right in this post. If you have been searching for ways to contact Amazon by phone, email or chat then check here for details.

Amazon remains one of the most preferred online stores to make purchases. With varieties of products, digital devices and much more, Amazon stands undisputed among other online marketplaces.

And now with an award-winning customer service, all is designed only for your comfort. The Amazon customer care service supports well over 16 languages and is found in well over 130locations across the globe.

Amazon Customer Service
How to Contact the Amazon Customer care.


Amazon Customer Service.

You can contact the Amazon customer service for everything Amazon has to offer.

Account inquiries: you can contact the Amazon customer service, if you’re a prime member or not, supplier or client whatever the inquiries and complaints you wish to make regarding your account.

Information and products: you can learn more about a product that will suit your lifestyle if not uplift it via the Amazon customer support. Amazon offers so many digital products and services and the Amazon customer care service will prepare you on the intricacies of each of its products.

Billings and payments: if you wish to track your order, inquire about your order, get more information on payment options and lots more than the Amazon customer service is there to cater to your needs.

Contacting Amazon Customer Service via personalized channels.

If you do not wish to speak to a customer care representative but only wish to get tutorials on everything Amazon has to offer, then you can visit this page to learn whatever you need. The Amazon help page comprises of a comprehensive, precise and detailed information on everything Amazon has to offer. It also embodies tricks and tips to help you with technical errors and so much more.

How To Contact Amazon By Phone.

You can contact Amazon customer service quickly through these numbers 009 1 206-266-2992, 1 ( 888) 280 4331 or 0800 496 1081( for the UK only).

This phone numbers will grant you direct access especially when you are not close to the computer you have your account attached to or you do not know the department you wish to speak to. You may have to wait for a bit to be transferred to the right agent to address your issues.

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How To Send Complaints To Amazon Customer Care.

To contact the Amazon Customer Care concerning specific issues, you will have three options, you can either call, chat or send an email. But it comes with a requirement. You must first log in to your Amazon account.

If you do not own an Amazon account, then it will be wise to create an Amazon account in order to get started.

After you have logged in, follow the instructions below:

  • scroll down and click the “contact us” button.
  • Next, pick between email, phone or chat

Email: If you picked email, then you will be asked to fill a feedback form on your problem. After this, you will receive a message with information on what you require and a tracking number, if you wish to reply this email.

Phone or chat: if you picked phone or chat, you will be asked to state your issues. Next, you will be directed to the right department that will help you find solutions to your problem.

Contacting Amazon Customer service as a Prime Member.

As a prime member, if you wish to contact the Amazon Customer care service, then, follow the instruction below:

  • Download the Amazon app
  • Log in using the app and scroll down to click ” customer service”
  • Next scroll to pick “contact us”
  • You will be asked to pick if you prefer phone, email or chat.
  • The next process is the same as using the other Amazon customer care procedure.

Amazon customer service is so easy and straightforward with the right information. Please let us know your experience through this platform. We will be glad to hear from you and do not forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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