How To Track Amazon Order – Step by Step Guide

Would you like to learn how to track Amazon order in real time? You can do so, and so much more just by reading this Amazon order tracking guide carefully.

While going through this guide, if you need help, you can simply contact the Amazon customer service for immediate support.

Amazon is a great e-commerce and cloud computing firm with many years in existence. When you make an order on Amazon, you can track all your orders completely from your comfort zone and retain awareness of the exact time it arrives at your door. I mean you even know about each stop made by the driver on the way directly to your home, completely in real time.

How to track Amazon order

This you can do by using the Amazon Map tracking. It is a lovely feature that gives you extensive information about how and when your order will arrive. On the delivery day, It also gives you a map of the delivery drives actions and movements.

Do you wish to learn more about how to track Amazon order? If yes, then read on to find out more.

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How to Track Amazon Order with Amazon Map Tracking

Naturally not every package is delivered by the Amazon vehicle.  But even as this can happen, Amazon gives you a notification of the progress of your delivery driver through the use of its tracking map, a mobile app or on their website. You can also keep tabs by yourself of the status of your delivery by using this map.

To use this awesome Amazon order tracking feature, follow these processes:

  • Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Navigate the settings menu and click “Your Orders”
  • Now click the Track Package button
  • If your Amazon Map is enabled for delivery, you will see a dialogue box stating how far your driver is from you and how many deliveries your driver will make before getting to you.
  • If your delivery is made via USPS, you will see a graphic progress map of the entire area.

Amazon order tracking

Once Delivered via the Amazon order tracking service

If your delivery driver delivers your package and you are not at home. Your delivery driver will take a photograph of the package and post it on the same Track Package section. This is Amazon’s way of assuring you that your package has indeed been delivered.

Deliveries not covered on the Amazon Map tracking service

You should note that some shipments, for instance, standard international shipments will not be covered by this tracking feature. Depending on your location and country, you can use third-party apps or website to help keep track of your package.

What to do if your package was delivered but you cannot find it

If you fall in this scenario, this is what you should do within 36hours of the time of delivery:

  • Verify the shipping address
  • Check to see if there is a notice of attempted delivery
  • Check around the delivery location of your package to see if it has been hidden by the delivery man away from prying eyes
  • Ensure you have also checked if someone accepted the delivery on your behalf
  • Some packages might arrive by multiple carriages, you should check your mailbox or any other place you receive mails
  • Lastly, wait for a maximum¬†of 36 hours, it may be delivered within that time.
  • If none of these works, you can now contact the Amazon Customer care service for further, this details you will find in our article on Amazon Customer service details.

I hope you now know how to track Amazon order. If you need more information about the Amazon order tracking service, do not fail to contact their customer service.

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