How Amazon Payments Works?

When you wish to get in touch with your customers on the network, one of the greatest solution to your checkout needs is by using the Amazon Pay.

How the Amazon Pay Works
How the Amazon Pay Works

With Amazon Pay, you have got access to different ways in which you can customize your payment button, shipping,sales tax, returns and charge backs.

It is an essential tool which will integrate your company’s special sales and promotions.

In additional, it will let your customers pay  for your products and services without releasing any of their   financial information, hence keeping them protected.

What is Amazon Pay?

How Amazon Pay Works

Amazon Pay is simply the online payment option preferably used  by the Amazon market place and can be used by your business website.

It will help you with all payments of goods and services, third party donations as well as payments in apps and while using Alexa.

Kinds of the Amazon Pay

How Amazon Works

There are two main ways to integrate the Amazon Pay button, one if which utilizes the full fireworks and the other, just a simple button for checkouts.

1)Check out by Amazon.

The check-out by Amazon button let’s your customers have full effect of using its pay button.  With this button,  you gain management of one-time or recurrent payments and taxes, addition of promos and special sales as well as the ability to initiate and track shipping.

With this you can have access to Amazon’s fraud detection change back controls, as well as other risk management processes. This option includes an awesome I-beam check feature making payments even so much easier.

2)Amazon Simple Pay.

If you do not need the all-round coverage feature, you can simply opt for the generic Amazon Simple Pay option. This button will only allow your customers access to easy payout but no other benefits like promotional buttons and all.

The Amazon simple pay is a payment only option meaning that every other aspect you wish to integrate lies within your hands.

This option is okay for designing companies who wish only to let customers the full experience of what they can offer.

This option is equally great for Nonprofit organizations who wish to use thus option for online donations acceptance.

Features of using the Amazon Pay.

There are three most important beautiful aspects of using the Amazon Pay,it includes: simple sign up, awesome integration and low cost.

Simple Sign up :

To begin using the Amazon Pay on your website is so easy, all you need do is to fill the form on the Amazon payments platform by clicking here.

The next step is to provide your

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • A US based credit card and
  • A phone number.

If you have a webstore by Amazon or fulfillment by Amazon account, your sign up will be even more faster.

Integrated with your website

Your Amazon payments account wit by the “checkout with Amazon” business account can be easily added to your website without any seeming difficulty.

This means you can easily personalize the payment option to reflect your brand’s identity and when customers click on the cash-out button,they are simply directed to a check out spot that has the related identity feeling of your brand.

Low Cost Platform

With the Amazon Payments, there is no monthly usage fees. So no added troubles to your business when you do not make  sales.

You will equally receive no charges for refunds and cancelled orders. All you pay is a flat fee of 2.9% plus and $0.30 per transaction for transactions greater than $10.

There are even reduced rates available for micro payments or payments $9.99 and less.

There are equally discount rates for non-profit organization making it an affordable platform for your business.

For the Buyer- How Amazon Pay works

When you pay for goods via the Amazon Payment button, every service done is free. You do not pay a transaction fee,membership fee, currency transaction fee, foreign transaction fee or others.

However you may be charge a foreign transaction fee. This happens when the card is used in a country different from the country of the merchant.

To make payments using the Amazon Pay, all you need do is click on the Amazon pay logo or button. Next, type in your email address and password and then choose your payment method. You pay by simply using your credit or debit card or any other methods you wish to use. You can easily reach to  Amazon Customer service center.

The Amazon Pay button is an awesome way to improve on your cash-out options within your e-commerce store. I do hope this article the features of using the Amazon Pay. Do let us know your thoughts and experiences about this service

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