How Does Google Pay Work?


Do you wish to learn about how Google Pay work? In order to learn more about the innovative new button from google wallet, read on.

How Google Pay Works
How Google Pay Works

Recently, we shared a similar article on how Payoneer works. In this article, we will be showing you how Google Pay work. Google Pay which was first called Android pay, was launched in 2015 in the USA and may 2016 for the UK can innovative platform to make all your payments.

In February 2018, we witnessed an even better upgrade from Android pay to Google pay effectively with more improved functionality.

Well, enjoying Google pay is so much from here is what you should know about Google pay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is the newly improved payment app developed by Google to help you store credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and so much more.

In addition, Google will also launch an equally new designed Google Wallet app to help send and request money. This app to be developed is actually currently called the Google Pay send, keeping in line with the Google Pay brand.

Google Pay Send logo
By Google [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Nevertheless, the US and the UK users can also send and request money using the Google Pay app.

This might be a confusing piece of information but the bottom line is that Google Pay is at this moment, your favourite app for payments, purchases and passes.

In addition, Google is integrating the Google app button into its all of its app, Chrome, Gmail and many more in clicking Google Assistant so you have an even enhanced outlook at your accounts.

The difference between Google Pay and Android Pay.

In reality, the Android Pay app is not different from the Google Pay app. The only difference between both apps lies in the display but with respect to functionality, it is basically the same.


How google pay work on Android
Image source: Google.

The most significant difference between the Google Pay app and the Android Pay app is the Home screen tab. It shows you important and nearby stores that accept Google Pay payment options.

This list is made with reference to your location as well as previous stores where you have used the service. The home screen, in addition, shows all recent purchases.

Google Pay is divided technically into two halves, the new Home tab and the Card tab.

The Home tab will give you access to nearby purchases, as well as easily giving access to rewards as well as helpful tips.

The cards tabs, on the other hand, will let you store credit and debit card, loyalty program offers and even gift cards.

How to set up Google Pay?

Setting up your Google Pay is so easy, all you need do is follow these steps :

  • Visit this link on your phone and it will immediately update your Android Pay. In many devices, you will be able to preload it; although, you can download it on Google Pay. Remember, not every country at the moment support Google Pay.
  • Launch the Google Pay, add a credit or debit card with the cards tabs. To do this, click the “get started “button, select a payment method to add, take a photo of your card or enter the necessary information. You will receive an SMS or email to confirm the card.
  • Once done, you can simply begin to use your phone at any contactless payment terminal such as shopping centres, apps and sites.

Where to Download Google Pay.

  1. The US: If you wish to download the app from here, click on the Google Play button, It’ll come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones.
  2. The UK: If you wish to download the app from here, click on the Google Play. It’ll come preinstalled on new NFC-enabled Android phones.
  3. Elsewhere: See a full list of countries where Google Pay is available from here.

Places that support the Google pay

  1. Stores: In the US, here is the list of stores at the moment that has the Google Pay contactless terminal. Some of them include Dunkin’s Doughnuts, Macdonald, Trader socs Walgreen, whole food, etc.
    Also, any shop that supports Apple pay will also probably support the Google Pay feature. In the UK, many more stores also support the Google Pay system to see the full list of stores, do click here.

In the UK, the same thing goes. See a full list of supported apps all over the world from here.

Many of the apps that support Google Pay also support Google Pay on their websites. Plus, with Google Pay, you can check out instantly across Google products like Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube Red using the cards saved to your Google Account. No extra info required.

Using the Google Pay app is such an exciting addition for your checkouts and payments, however, if you wish to learn more about how Google Pay work, you can do so by visiting this link or you can also visit this page to follow in on the latest trends and help links.

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