How to use Google Docs offline?

How to use Google Docs Offline?

No internet? Not a problem – here’s how you can edit google docs offline

Google docs desktop app lets you use google docs offline by setting up a new extension. You can now edit, save, and preview your documents offline

If you look around, you’d notice how our innovation and development is relying on one single source – the internet. With one significant move things could either fall into place or out of place. So how can you not be affected by this outturn while living in this century. The answer is as simple as it could be, don’t. don’t get effected by this particular source. Go offline and exhibit the new ends of innovation. Google docs desktop app let’s you use google docs offline by setting up a new extension. So now, enable room for endless possibilities.

For starters – offline extension

Before you begin with the offline google docs experience, you must be connected to the internet. You must use the google chrome browser (make sure you are not connected through a private browser), and install  offline chrome extension. Once installed you should turn the offline mode on. What you need to keep in mind is that you make sure your device has enough space to save your files offline.

How to edit Your docs offline

How to edit Google docs offline

Once you’re all set with the back-up, your next step should be to open and sign in to chrome, then go here, mark check to the box next to “Create, open, and edit your recent Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline” and that’s all.

Saving google docs for offline use

To save your edited files go here on your computer, click right on the google docs, sheets, or slides file you want to save offline. Lastly turn on “available offline”. By doing just that you can now edit and save multiple files offline.

Previewing offline files

Now that you have edited and saved your files your next desire would be to preview them. To  preview your files simply go to your drive (make sure that you have turned on offline access), at the top right, click on “ready for offline” and then click on “offline preview”.

Problem solved!

With docs offline you can now enable a room full of potential to discover your opportunity to edit, save and preview documents wherever you are. No internet? It is not a problem. The offline editing works regardless of the resources available. So, catch your breath and don’t panic. No more deadline delays because the internet was working. Enjoy your way through an endless, smooth experience.

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