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15 Ways To Increase YouTube Views By Yourself

how to increase youtube views
Written by Chidera

Learn the various ways on how to increase YouTube views fast. Do you wish to know how popular Youtube channels become that way? Well, this post contains fantastic ways to do so. 

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your business to your target market. And an excellent platform for this is through the use of YouTube. Think about it. A million viewers love the video platform and with the recent advancements and optimization to mobile scalabilities, you can better engage your potential clients.

However, there is a problem of reaching your target audience. And so to help you overcome that challenge, here are 15 ways you can increase YouTube views fast.

How to Increase Youtube Views – Step by Step.

  1. Upload Videos Consistently

The key to active and secured engagement with your potential market is by making inspiring uploads from time to time.

Upload Videos ConsistentlyYou do not have to make uploads on a daily basis, but you can schedule a particular time and day to make this uploads. So that your clients do know when to expect new uploads.

  1. Utilize your blogs and Social Media channels

It is important, you embed your YouTube videos into blog posts to promote and increase their visibility. In addition, share this videos and posts to your social media accounts for enhanced visibility. This is a surefire way to increase YouTube views automatically.

  1. Develop Transcripts of your video uploads

Another excellent way to increase your YouTube views is by creating transcripts of your videos. This increases your YouTube rankings and makes it more visible to organic search results. This ultimately leads to increased viewership traffic.

  1. Decrease the length of your YouTube titles


Image source: Google Support

This is especially important if you wish to increase your YouTube views. You should ensure that your video characters are below 50 characters. This increases the chances of being clicked when they come up via search engines.

  1. Use relevant and descriptive Keywords

To maximize or increase your YouTube views, ensure that you use only keywords that can better inform the search engines exactly the way your videos are. This will ensure that you have more views. Try both unique and generic keywords and ensure that you go for more short-tail keywords. In addition, you should ensure that your SEO meta description is nicely done.

  1. Take advantage of Tags

With the use of YouTube tags, you can distinguish your video content from others and help viewers understand what they will see when they click through. Ensure that your description and tile reflects the central message of your video. Again, take advantage of short-tail tags again.

  1. Optimize your Thumbnail Image

It is important that you optimize your thumbnail image. It is one of the best ways to entice viewers to click on your videos. They work wonders whether your users are searching through the search engine, or using suggested videos section or social media. Use high-quality images whose features are easily understood. Ensure that fonts, facial close-ups and all other features are all made to be interactive and engaging.

  1. Piggyback on viral trends.

An excellent way to increase your YouTube views is to create videos about existing viral trends. These trends already have a market and you can gain more views. However, it is not exactly easy to do so, so you should find a creative way to make your videos exceptional to boost views in your direction.

  1. Create captivating trailers and intros.

You should also practice the culture of creating captivating short trailers about your videos. Use this to present the contents of your videos and tell your potential viewers more about your content. It should also remind them about subscribing to your channels.

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  1. Use more of 3-minute videos

According to research, videos which have more increased click-through are very short and between 54 seconds to 2 minutes. The reasons why these videos are preferred are because they are quite straight to the central theme without any waste of time.

  1. Create contents that are evergreen

Apart from creating videos based on viral trends. Ensure that you create evergreen contents that do not fade out. This contents should be timeless and can get clicks even years about creation. Many of these videos may range from helpful information, tips and tricks to full tutorials about a topic. In addition, they rank exceptionally on Google search engines over time and get more views in the long run.

  1. Use a strong call to action in your annotations

Call to action words are subtle phrases that encourage viewers to view or even subscribe to your channels. Use these phrases towards the end of your videos to inspire your viewers to take that step.

  1. Do not be afraid to get personal

Viewers love to see the behind the scenes videos about your brand. Use this to your advantage to trigger interest and secure the engagement of your viewers. This could include videos about the real people behind your content.

14.Create Inspiring and unique contents

It is important that you do not simply follow the trend or put together videos that have poor quality and are not inspiring. Take your time to create contents that inspire interest. This does not end with high-quality images, but a good command of words, personalized narrations, interactive fonts and contents arranged so they are easily understandable. When you do all of this, you are sure to increase your YouTube views.

  1. Use Autoplay for Embedded videos.

With Autoplay, your videos will begin playing where ever they are embedded when viewers click on such posts. However, you should be very careful about taking this step as some users might be annoyed about auto-played videos. You should do this only when you have short and explanatory videos.

There are many more ways to increase YouTube views fast. However, gaining a lot of views on Youtube will require patience and hard work on your part. Think about creative ways to utilize these tips and watch your YouTube channel grow to exceptional heights.

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