Twitter account for schools

Why Schools Need a Twitter Account

Twitter Account for Schools: Introduction

There are lots of advantages to why schools should have a twitter account. Twitter account for schools helps the school to expand its network. Twitter is a platform that allows people to share and learn ideas. This is achieved by writing tweets. According to a report, Twitter is ranked as one of the best social media platforms to develop a school’s brand. Just like any organization, a school needs constant growth and as an educational institution, it needs to be updated constantly.

Also, with a single tweet, a school can reach its students and pass information to them. Furthermore, extra-curricular activities and educational experiences can reach a wider audience.

Twitter account for schoolsAlso, through the use of hashtags, staff and students can share the story of the school. This will give other people insights into the activities in the school. Moreover, this can give the school an edge above the other schools. Additionally, it makes teachers, parents, and students work together as a team. Now that you know these facts, let me give you some more reasons why Twitter account for schools is vital.

Need for twitter account for Schools

Some reasons why twitter account for schools is advisable

  1. Tweeting assignments

With one single tweet, a teacher can reach students and distribute assignments to them. Furthermore, links to educated related materials can be shared with many students at the same time with less effort. In addition, every student with an account can see it and respond to it.

  1. Educative materials

Teachers will have access to materials that would improve and enhance teaching. Also, Twitter for teachers is a platform that was created to give teachers tips and share insightful ideas about teaching.

  1. Increases students engagement

Twitter account for schools provides a two-way channel for students to ask questions from their teachers. Also, Twitter provides a way for introverted students who find it difficult to engage in a face-to-face conversation, to probe their teachers more and learn in a more exciting way.

  1. Connecting educators and learners that are a world apart

An American teacher used Twitter to help her students to connect with other students from France. Hence, this led to the two groups of students who are a world apart yet able to share ideas and discuss daily life and cultures between them.

  1. Passing information to parents

Twitter account for schools can serve as a communication channel between schools and parents. Students sometimes fail to pass across important information to their parents but with just one tweet and the correct hashtag, parents will get any new update.

Besides, teachers can record their learning or other curricular activities for the parents to see. Twitter enables parents to know their children better.

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More reasons why twitter account for Schools is important

  1. Surveying students

Twitter account for schools can create a poll to find out what students want or their interests by carrying out surveys. This will create a lot of interest as students will know that their opinion matters. Also, you can find out their interests, what and who they like, and the books they find interesting.

  1. Collaboration

Students can come together to solve assignments and teachers can also offer assistance. Also, teachers can give relevant advice and educational related links to solve their assigned projects or tasks. Furthermore, there would be no excuse for not participating. This is because it would be at everyone’s comfort zone.

  1. Publicity for the school

Twitter account for schools allows other people to learn about the school. Moreover, the activities and collaboration between the staff and students will not go unnoticed. The use of Twitter will broaden the reach of the school. It will further extend its network.

  1. Keeping up with trends

The school will be up-to-date with whatever leaning tools or books that is trending. With ideas and collaborations from all over the world, they will not lag behind.

Twitter Account for Schools: Conclusion

Twitter account for schools can create a buzz for everyone. Also, twitter is not only for entertainment, but it can also be useful academically. In addition, Parents, Students, Teachers, and School management can have a platform to interact and collaborate. Besides, they will be able to discuss the shared goal. This is to increase the productivity and effectiveness of students.


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