10 Output Devices of Computer And Their Functions

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Output devices of computer receive data from the system which it shows to you. This is unlike input devices that lets you send data out of the system. In addition, you use output devices to receive information that you can read, see or hear, they make use of components like sound cards, video cards, USB ports and sometimes wireless or wired connections. Output devices present data in different forms like audio, visual and in hard copy formats.output devices of a computer

In this post, we will share 10 output devices of computer to clear the air and show you what these appliances do on a computer device. Follow me.

10 Output Devices of Computer And Their Functions

Some Common examples of output devices of a computer include:

  • Computer Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Plotters
  • Video Cards
  • Sound Cards
  • CD and DVD media
  • Actuators

Now that we have listed these 10 examples of output devices, let us examine each to show you their features and usefulness to the computer and you the user.

1. Computer Monitor

A computer monitor is a visual screen display unit and it is the most common example of an output device. All monitors work with your computer video card to show a real-time picture of what your computer’s operating system, programs, and doing.

For example, when you type a letter using your keyboard connected to your computer, it displays or outputs on your monitor. Without the monitor, you will not be able to see how the letter looks like talkless of reading it.

output devices of computer-computer monitor

There are two common types of monitors; Cathode ray tube and the Flat panel screen. Monitors come in various sizes, shapes and display technologies. Also, due to modern advancement, some monitors can equally serve as an input device if they have a touch screen you can use instead of a mouse or keyboard.

2. Speakers

Speakers are also common examples of output devices of computer. Also, you use them for listening to sounds and other audio materials from your computer. Furthermore, Laptops and monitors often have speakers inbuilt in them. In addition, you need Sound cards on a computer for the speakers to function. Similarly, a speaker converts digital signals into analog sound waves that are audible to the human ear. Finally, speakers range from simple two speaker output devices to sound multi-channel units.

3. Headphones

Another common example of an output device is a headphone. Some computer headphones have both the speakers and microphones. output devices of computer-Computer headphonesHeadphones aren’t just for music, they also allow us to hear when communicating with others via voice calls.  Headphones also ensure privacy and are perfect for gaming.

4. Printers

With a printer, you can convey pictures, text, and information directly from your computer into hard copy formats. Also, you can transmit image data in your computer into the printer, which then physically recreates the image, usually on paper. In addition, you can find Printers in homes, small offices, business, and photographic studios.

5. Projectors

Projectors are output devices used mainly by companies, schools, and churches to show information to a large body of people at the same time. They are also used during meetings or classes for presentations. In addition, Data projectors connect your computer graphics card and allow you to mirror your computer screen to a wall or smooth surface (Whiteboard, White cloth surface). The most common types are the LCD and digital light processing (DLP) projectors although the latter is more expensive. One of its features is a color wheel filter.

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6. Plotters

Plotters are generally used with engineering applications, for generating a hard copy of a digitally created design. In addition, Plotters are also often used by graphic artists, architects, constructions engineers, etc. The user has to send a design to the plotter through a graphics card that then forms the design through a pen.  Also, the Plotter draws pictures with the use of straight lines.

7. Video Cards

These are hardware devices that work in conjunction with the monitor to display visual output to the user. This hardware device helps the user return information to the computer as well, thereby enhancing interaction, the video card processes the images seen on the monitor, return images quality are also determined by the video card quality.

8. Sound Cards

Although a Video card is an essential component of a computer as it works with the monitor for a good display function, a sound card is however optional. Also, this output device gives you better user experience. However, just like the video card, a sound card also determines the quality of sound produced by the speakers of a computer, whether internal or external. In addition, Sound cards are mainly used by sound engineers, music producers and multimedia creators for good and smooth sound productions.

9. CD and DVD Media

CD and DVD media have become standard output devices for computers. The advantage of these output devices is in storing data for a long period of time. CD and DVD are writable, users write information into a CD and DVD hardware device to share information.


The disadvantage is that CD’s and DVD’s are easily dispensable and could go bad quickly if not kept properly in the right environment. In addition, if this happens, it will lead to loss of data which could be costly to the organization or individual. Also, you can use it in cars to listen to download music from platforms like iTunes.

10. Actuators

An Actuator is an output device responsible for creating real-world movements in a computer controlled system. Also, an actuator is a type of motor often used in companies that deal on robotics and in construction companies that are involved in gear and metal movements. Furthermore, an example of an actuator is an automatic shop door or airplane landing gears.


A computer can work without an output device, however, without the output devices of Computer, you will not know what the computer is doing. For example, if you detach your monitor from your computer, while the computer is still working you will not know what it is doing. This is how important output devices are to a computer.

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