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Differences input and output devices of Computer

Written by Abaraham Cherian

Using a computer may seem an easy task because of the attached tools to computing devices these days, to enable quick and prompt system function. But when it comes to knowing these Hardware devices(Tools), they can be categorized into two; input and output devices.

Differences Between Input and Output Devices of a Computer

The key difference between the input and output devices of computer is in their definition, as both input and output devices work differently in their different tasks on the computer. An input device sends information to system, while an output device receives, an input device is majorly responsible for the input of data to a computer, and an output device only receives output data from another device.

For a computer to be complete profitable and useful it must have a way of receiving raw data and sharing processed information. This is what input and output devices help carry out.

Input Devices

Input devices are Hardware devices that are used to send input signals to the user, They can send input data to the computer, but cannot receive. They are majorly used for raw data entry.

Some of the Following are Examples of Input Devices;

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Microphone
  • Digital camera etc.

Output devices

Output devices are hardware devices that are used to display output signals to the user, they can receive data from another device and generate output.

Here are Few Examples of Output Devices;

  • Monitor
  • Speakers
  • Headphones
  • Projectors etc.

Almost all computing device have both attached.

Input and output devices are essential necessary for the receiving and sharing of commands, and data from the user to the computer enhancing interaction. Whether a computer is a smart phone, Desktop, laptop or mainframe, it basically has both input and output devices.

Both Input and output devices are mainly Hardware devices of computer and can be built into a computing device, like the screen on a laptop, or Android smart phone, they can also be separate like an external speaker or headphone plugged into a desktop in an office.

Most devices are solely input or output devices, they can accept data input from a user or data output by the computer. However, some devices display unique qualities like exhibiting both input and output characteristics, these device are called input/output devices. (I/O devices).

It’s not always clearly exact to differentiate between input and output devices of computer, because some computer input and output devices function as both.

Some Examples of Input/Output Devices Include the Following;

  • A USB flash drive that receives or saves data from the computer as an input function, it can also send to a computer or another device exhibiting and output function too.
  • A touch screen displays visual output and is also a means of data input into the system.
  • Nowadays, many printers also function as document scanners.

Both of input and output devices of computer have functioned differently yet similar to each other and hence distinguished.

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