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What are Food Delivery Apps?

This article is about the most used food delivery apps. Do you wonder how to solve your hunger problems quickly whenever you feel hungry? Also, do you think of the traffic you must go through to get to your favorite restaurant? What about the long queue at the restaurant and the time you have to waste before the waiter gets to your turn. Well, all these were issues you had to face in the past when you used the conventional method to order food whenever you were hungry.

Recently, due to technological advancements, several types of apps are now available to solve the problems of traveling to and from work, buying tickets for cinemas and grocery, paying electricity bills and more. However, if ordering food has always been an issue for you, well, that should not worry you anymore as there are apps you can use to get the food you prefer at record speed. Also, you can buy food at the best prices and choose from a variety of restaurants out of thousands that are available online.


Furthermore, these apps are popular because by using them, you can track real-time delivery of the food, they have attractive menus and easy user interfaces. Secondly, you have the option to get a takeaway or food delivered to your doors step. Thirdly, the apps are intelligent and satisfy your needs, and fourthly, Restaurants can use location-based services to link up with their customers easily.

Most Used Food Delivery Apps:

Now, that brings us to the topic of this post. Allow us to introduce to you the best and the most used food delivery apps that you can use on your Android devices only. These apps are not only convenient to use but are also set to disrupt how you use to order food before now. Let us waste no more time to meet these apps.

  1. Postmates

Most Used Food Delivery App-postmatesThis app is one of the most used food delivery apps that can be gotten for your Android device and used conveniently. It is available in over 90 cities in the USA. This app is different from other apps in this list. For instance, when you place an order for food with it, the food attendant employed by Postmates gets the order and moves to the restaurant to pick it up.  Once the attendant picks the order from the restaurants, he or she will take the food directly to the customer’s doorstep. Another feature in the app is that it allows you to deliver both food and alcohol to the same customer’s location.

  1. DoorDash

Most Used Food Delivery App-doordashThis is another excellent food delivery app you can use on your Android device to make that food order of your choice. It works in over 300 cities and in 32 Markets. The app is used widely in the Canadian cities of Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton. It is also popular in the following US cities of Chicago, Boston, Seattle, New York, and Atlanta.

This app focuses on both the quality of food and how good the restaurants operate seamlessly with DoorDash to get your food delivered on time. Also, it aims for complete customer satisfaction. The app has features like ‘DoorDash Delight’ based on food quality and the restaurant’s popularity.

  1. UberEats

Most Used Food Delivery App-Uber eatsUberEats is a part of the most used food delivery apps on our list. This app works in over 1,000 cities all over the world. Also, you can get UberEats in Mexico United States, India, Brazil, Japan, etc. Furthermore, you can use this app to get the best foods you want at any time. In addition, the app makes sure you get quality food at the best price and on time too. However, you should note that UberEats and Uber are two separate apps although both work the same way. For example, both apps work at top speed and give you the best quality for service. Get the app for your Android devices.

Most Used Food Delivery Apps:


Most Used Food Delivery App-ZomatoZomato is the first in the list of the most used food delivery apps due to its popularity and features. This app offers you the choice restaurants that you can use. The business started in 2018 under the name Foodibay. Furthermore, you can get this app’s services in 25 countries including the USA, Australia, and India. Zomato has another feature apart from using it to order food. You can also use it to track other user reviews of this awesome app. Similarly, you can use it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites to find out everything about food. Get the app for your Android device now.

  1. Deliveroo

DeliverooDeliveroo is one of the top food delivery apps in Europe. It works in over 200 cities and it has headquarters in London. This app allows you to order food from restaurants that are connected to it that do not have their own foods delivery applications. The app then charges a fee from the customer that order food using any listed restaurant. while the users pay per order, the restaurants also pay a commission to Deliveroo. In addition, the app has coupon deals for customers that want the best deals. Customers use this app a lot due to excellent benefits, like a large number of restaurants they can make their orders. Get the app for your Android now.

  1. GrubHub

Grub HubThis app is among the top in this list of most used food delivery app that you can use on your Android devices. It is in alliance with over 30,000 restaurants in over 800 cities in the USA. The app has offices in London, New York, and Chicago. This company started this business in 2004. It has since then established relationships with many restaurants to enable it to serve you well. The app delivers food 24 hours per day or 7 days per week.

One of its features is that it allows you to browse through local restaurants to get the exact food that you want. Also, it has many filters that will enable you to get the food you like. Some of these filters include, discounts, coupons, customer feedback, working hours, etc. Furthermore, you also have an option to save the details of your orders so that you can use them in the future. Get the app now for your Android device.

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Most Used Food Delivery Apps:

  1. Dominos Pizza

Domino PizzaThis app is known worldwide in the delivery of pizza. With this app, you do not need to call when you place your order, it is efficient. Also, it is the first fast food delivery app that you can use online for fast food delivery. You can make a quick online order for pizza. Similarly, this app gives you a guarantee that you would get your order in 30 minutes. In addition, you have a choice of either getting a coupon deal or discounts. Furthermore, it has payment options such as online wallet, debit, or credit card or payment of cash when they deliver your pizza to you. Get the app on the Android platform.

  1. Just Eat

justEatThis app is also among the most used food delivery apps that you can get for your Android devices. Just Eat opened for business in 2001 in Europe. The app works as a search tool for getting all the local restaurants that can deliver food to you. JustEat has well over 8,000 restaurants in the app and makes a profit by charging a commission for the use of the app to make a delivery.  At 2017, over 21.5 million customers had used this app. Also, it has over 11 million active users who have made an order for food of over 170 million takeaways worldwide. This app has some features like Foodpanda where customers can filter the menu to get the best food they want. Finally, you can also pay by credit card or cash as soon as you receive the food. Get the app now.

  1. Swiggy

swiggyThis is another one of the most used food ordering apps that you can use on your Android device. It is a local food ordering app based In Bengaluru, India. The app has more than 10,000,000 downloads in the app store. This app is in the number one position in India as the best food delivery app. Furthermore, you can use the app on your Android devices. Presently, it covers 8 cities in India.

Swiggy allows you to order food from the closest restaurants around you. It does this by detecting your device location so that Swiggy Agent restaurant can deliver food to you on time. Furthermore, its primary focus is to deliver food to urban foodies from restaurants closest to them.

  1. Food Panda

Panda food delivery This app is quite popular among the best-used food ordering apps. The company started this business in 2012 with head office in Berlin, Germany. It works with more than 40,000 local restaurants in different cities. The app gives you fast delivery when you place an order for food. The business has performed this way since 2017 and currently operates in 43 countries.

Food panda is popular due to its huge spread of local restaurants in many cities. Also, you can get quick access to their service at discounted prices. Furthermore, you can pay via debit and credit card, or cash when they deliver food to your doorstep. Get the app on your Android device now.

Most Used Food Delivery Apps: Conclusion

In this post, we gave you a list of the most used food delivery apps you can get for your Android devices. Get them because they are not only the best available but they also give you satisfaction and serve you well.  Download one today.

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