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How does Memrise App Work?

Are you in need of a way to increase the rate you learn? If Yes, then this post is for you. The best solution to your problem will be to get the Memrise App. It is a wonderful study aid which helps its users to memorize characters, phrases, and vocabulary. Even though it is mostly for learning languages, you can study any subject with it. It is perfect for mathematics, science, economics, or any other course created and shared by users.

It assists by asking questions and giving quizzes with the help of flashcards. In 2018, Memrise had a total of 35 million members. Unlike textbook learning, it is very exciting and effective to use. As at this moment, it has more than 35 million registered users worldwide. Whatever question you might have about this app will be answered in this post.

Reasons why you should use the Memrise App

Memrise is one of the leading apps out there that play an important role in education. It helps individuals to become familiar with various phrases and words. It is advisable you get this application if you want to incorporate excitement in learning. Below are some of the reasons why it is a good choice for you:

Memrise Membership

Memrise App is free! You will have access to lots of topics ranging in different courses. You can also create memes to assist you in recalling flashcards. It is also possible to keep track of the number of words you have learned and if its time to learn new ones. The free membership offers lots of features and you can successfully complete your course without any upgrade. However, you can decide to upgrade to a premium service. The premium gives you more features that will deeper aid you to study faster and easier.

Memrise App helps with Memory Retention

When you download this application, you are training your brain to keep words in its long-term memory. According to the creator of the site, learning a new word is like “planting a seed” and reviewing it is “watering”. So, your brain is like a plant that keeps growing.

It is a very effective method of learning and before you know it, you would have retained more than 1000 words in your memory. You will be surprised as to what your brain is capable of.

Establishes engagement

This App has provided a platform where people from all over the world can make contributions to the learning of others. This has continuously increased the things that can be learned on the site. As more users are registering, the courses are also increasing rapidly. However, this does not mean that all the courses are without flaws.  Some of the courses uploaded have misspelled words, or incorrect meaning, and so on. As a learner, you can complain about any mistake you discover.

Memrise App has a LeaderBoard

One exciting thing about this application is that it has established a healthy competition among members. Every subject has a leaderboard and you can view how many point a particular user has earned. You can see different rankings of the week, month, and so on. It is also possible to view all your overall scores and others too. When you reach a particular level, your ranking will change and you will be given a unique name. As you progress, so does your rank. You can check more about it here.

When you log into the app and you see other members having high scores, this will encourage and motivate you to study harder.

Signing Up for Memrise

Now that you know more details about Memrise App, it is only normal that you try to get it for yourself. The first thing to do if you are using a web browser is to navigate to their official website: At the top of your screen, you will see a navigation bar, click on the “Sign Up” big button. Another interface will open and you will see the steps you need to follow before you can start learning.

First, you choose your language and then you choose your level. After this, you proceed to create an account with your email/username and then the password. Your account will get created and your learning experience will begin. When next you want to return to the site, you will have to Log in.

If you want it on your mobile device, go to your phone’s store and download it. After downloading follow the instruction that follows.

Memrise Sign Up Home Interface
Memrise Sign Up Home Interface

How the Memrise App Work

The Memrise interface is very polished with an easy to use interface. Before you start a course, you will need to begin at the first lesson. All lessons after it remain locked until you complete the current one. Think of it as a game, if you do not complete a level successfully, you will not proceed to the next.

Even if you are a free member, you can choose as many courses as you want, it will not limit you. You can choose beginners’ programs or even advanced. It all depends on what you are capable of.

If you feel like your lesson is going too slow, then you can change the number of items you are studying on a basis in the settings. Whether you want to go slow or fast depends on you. As you progress, an icon in the shape of a plant begins to grow and the higher you go, it grows stems, leaves, and then turns into a flower.


Finally, this post explained how the Memrise App works. You can now begin a wonderful and exciting experience.


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