How to Use Screen Mirroring App – Step by Step Guide

Screen mirroring is a new wireless technology that enables you to cast your media files from your Android, Windows or iOS phone on a larger screen for a better viewing experience. From our definition, we understand that to use screen mirroring app, you need at least three things.

  • First, You will an Android, Windows or an iPhone.
  • A large screen( it could be a TV, Projector, or Laptop Screen)
  • Media files (Videos, Audio, Images etc)

Now, this wireless technology called screen mirroring requires something else to enable this screencast function to work correctly. There is a medium need for an app to convey this cast function on whatever large screen you want to view on. This is why we will discuss today, screen mirroring and how to use a screen mirroring app.

How to use screen mirroring app

To screen mirror correctly, there are a few minimum requirements, the devices involved that is your iOS or Android device must support screen mirroring and be able to send out data. The TV or projector you want to cast on must support screen mirroring and be able to play or capture data.

Many users new to screen mirroring have been void of this fact, “not all devices play well together”. For example, the new kindle fire tablet will easily cast media on amazon fire TV. Generally, because these devices are from the same manufacturer, they are both made by Amazon and were designed to work together. Likewise, you can screen mirror media from any iOS device to Apple TV, because both were made by Apple and are compatible with each other.

People often ask the wrong questions on search engines about screen mirroring just because they are void of this important fact that “Compatibility is important” if devices are going to work together. you can’t screen mirror media from an android or windows device on Apple TV, I’m clearly saying this for people asking questions like how to screen mirror Android to Samsung TV or how to screen mirror iPhone to Apple TV without WiFi. It’s important you know that Apple doesn’t play well with other devices when it comes to mirroring.

With no further ado, I will like to discuss very powerful examples of screen mirroring apps and how to use them optimally.

How to use screen mirroring apps.

The First screen mirroring app we will discuss today is Airbeam.


Airbeam is a screen mirroring app with exceptional functionalities. It is a mirroring app that enables you to mirror the screen of your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) on your laptop screen wirelessly, with no need for wires or additional hardware. Airbeam has proven to be a powerful screen mirror app. It works with only iOS devices.

How to Screen Mirror with Airbeam.

  • First, add the screen mirroring button to control centre on your iOS device. You only need to do this once.
  • Launch the Air Beam app on your iOS device and it will show a 9-digit code. Open your Chrome browser on your laptop, go to and type in the 9 digit code.
  • To start mirroring, slide up to reveal the control centre and firmly press and hold the screen mirroring button.
  • As you firmly press, a pop-up will show. Select mirror to PC, after selecting click on start broadcast.

Note: This only works with Chrome and not any other browser, also after firmly pressing the screen mirroring button if you don’t see the mirror to PC option in the pop-up, scroll down the list until it shows.


Airplay is a wireless display technology developed by Apple Inc. for screen mirroring functions on iOS devices specifically. It is an in-built screen mirroring app with wireless display functionalities for iOS devices Only. Airplay is a perfect example of the compatibility function I talked about in the earlier paragraphs, as its functions are exclusive to just Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac laptops and Apple TV).

Setup is Easy:

  • Make sure your iPhone and Apple TV are on the same local network.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the control centre
  • Tap the screen mirroring button on the left-hand side of the screen. (it looks like a triangle pointing up to a rectangle)
  • Select your Apple TV from the list that appears.

Note: if you’ve not added the screen mirroring button to your control centre panel, you might not find it there when you swipe up. To add it.

  • Go to settings on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad) and select control centre
  • Select customize controls
  • “Screen mirroring” should be in the list of “include” options, if it’s not there, scroll down to find it. Select the Green + sign on the left of screen mirroring to add it to control centre.


All cast is a screen mirroring app that lets mirror media contents from your iOS device to larger TV screens. All cast somehow defies the compatibility rule I talked about in my earlier paragraphs for this article. However Allcast might not work very well on just any smart TV device, but, it’s a good option and worth trying out.

All cast is free but offers a $5 app-in purchase for unlimited features, once installed it offers a 5-minutes trial for its users, available for both Android and iOS users lets discuss how to screen mirror using the all-powerful All cast app.

  • Install Allcast on your iOS device, turn whatever smart TV you are using On
  • Afterwards, launch the app and let it access your media contents.
  • To start screen mirroring, tap the cast button the left at the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • A pop-up showing detected devices will come up. Select the name of your TV device to establish a connection.
  • Select a specific media file or content to display on your screen.
  • Now enjoy the screen mirror viewer experience on your smart TV device.

General Mirroring Apps

Apps like Spotify and Youtube, even Live TV apps like Sling TV support screen mirroring and can be used to mirror, when casting is an option.

Here is how to explore your media apps screen mirroring functionalities generally;

  • Open an app that helps you view media contents on your device whether local or online
  • Play any available media on that app
  • Tap the screen, and select the screen mirroring icon that appears(usually a triangle in a rectangular box).
  • If there is a device to mirror to (and it’s turned on and ready to use) you see it listed there.

Generally, Once your watching a media clip or file via screen mirroring apps, the controls like fast forward or rewind, pause and play are used from the phone, provided the screen mirroring app allows it. Learning how to use a screen mirroring app is a wonderful experience and it is a tech advancement to better your viewing experience.


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