Online Learning Solutions for K-12: More Problems Solved


The future of education is online learning. This method of learning is not strange to those in higher institution as they have been taken certain classes online for some time now. Some students attend schools online due to various reasons. Even though the concept of taking classes online is quite popular among higher level students, it is still new to students in k – 12. However, these kids were introduced to this method of learning due the pandemic saga which left schools and parents with no choice.  Teaching and learning had to be moved permanently to virtual classrooms to avoid the possibility of students getting the deadly virus. Due to this, most schools and parents began to look for the best online solutions to keep these students busy at the comfort of their homes.

There are hundreds of online learning platforms for k -12 students out there and they all have one aim. Their aim is to provide resources and materials via their platform to help schools, teachers and parents facilitate learning, interaction, and academic progress during this lockdown that affected everybody. They cater to the needs of everyone involved in this process. Most of these solutions are totally free while some are completely fee based. This post is going to mention some of the best and appropriate online learning solutions for k – 12 students and how they function.

Online Learning Solutions for K-12

If your students are transitioning into taking classes online, the first step is to look for the appropriate online school for them. There are hundreds of platforms out there offering online tutorial services for every student. If you are having challenges choosing the right one for students in k – 12 grade, then you should check below and choose one.


This platform offers the most exciting way for your students to practice and learn mathematics. Children can stay in the comfort of their home and learn math in an exciting way. They can attend the virtual classroom and compete with their friends while learning. 99math is designed for elementary and primary school students. The platform tracks their progress and helps them focus on their weaknesses. It offers them a free special remote learning until 2020 ends. It is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, and 4 more languages. You can visit their website to sign up as a teacher, parent, or student.

3D learning

This application is available to students from any location in the world. It can be gotten from Google play, App store, Mac store, and Windows store. There are more than a thousand contents available for students to learn from. They have educational videos, animations, and 3D models that helps with teaching and learning. Teachers can make their own videos and students can answer quizzes and assessments. 3DL is available in English, Bokmal, and Nynorsk. You can visit their official website for more information.


This platform is designed in such a way that it meets the curriculum of the school and satisfies teacher’s needs. It provides a mobile application that allows teachers conduct tutorials and classes remotely while also supporting their students. Some of the features of BeED are multi-blocking, interactive mapping, curriculum builder, and many more. BeED promises users a flexible learning experience. With their internet connected devices and from the comfort of their homes, students and teachers can interact even if they are miles apart. It is a great online learning solution for k – 12 students. You can visit their official website for more information.

Beetroot academy

This is an online learning management system for students in every level. It makes learning easy to manage by teachers. Beetroot provides teachers and students with the necessary platform they need to interact in a virtual classroom. Teachers have the functionality of inserting homework, contents, quizzes for their students so that they can keep learning even while class session is not on. They will be able to follow the performances of every student so that they can help them when necessary. You can visit their official website for more information.

Bit by Bit

This is a free virtual classroom for students in K – 6 grade. They get to learn in an exciting way by playing a fun puzzle game. While learning they are introduces to the concepts of programming. Bit by Bit is a free platform that teaches your kids how to code. Tech skills is one of the most important to have in a digital world  and introducing your kids to it at a young age is recommended. You can sign up by visiting their official website.


This is a platform that is mostly for elementary and primary school students. It provides numerous resources for remote teaching and learning. Eduten is really popular among Finnish teachers. It makes it easy for teachers to assign assessments, and exercises to students. They can also use this online solution to set tasks and track goals. This makes it easy for them to recognize the strength of every student and work towards their weaknesses. Eduten has proven to be very effective and efficient among students. It offers a free service to every new school for the first 60 days. This platform is available in English, Finnish, Lithuanian, Dutch, French, and Spanish. You can visit their official website to register your school or student.


In summary, there are lots of online solutions out there that will make the transitioning into virtual classroom easy for k – 12 students. These platforms provide the tools and contents they need to achieve academic excellence. Online learning is here to stay and every teacher, parent, and student needs to get on board with it.

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