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What does Computer Literacy Mean? Is it Important in Education?

Access to computers and the internet has become a basic need for education in our society.” Gone are the days when education was limited to studying from books. With the advancement in technology, the role of computer devices and computers have increased in the education system, homes, and workplaces. Growing digitalization and the use of computers have increased the importance of computer literacy in the modern era.

Now the question is: what is the importance of computer literacy in education? Though technology has struggled enough to find its way into the schools and classrooms, at present, it is an inextricable part of education. Here is an article all about computer literacy and its importance in education.

computer literacy

What is Computer Literacy?

Computer literacy refers to the level of expertise required to use computers and related technology efficiently. The skill levels included in computer literacy can range from basic knowledge about how to use computers to perform moderate and complicated tasks such as operating common platforms, software systems to having a basic understanding of computer programming. The term computer literacy is always evolving on the basis of the latest advancements and innovations in the domain of computer technology.

In other words, computer literacy can also be used for the comfort level any individual has with using computer applications and programs. It is an essential component to comprehend how computers operate and work.

Many people confuse computer literacy with computer programming; however, these two things are different. Computer literacy focuses on the basic use of computers, but computer programming mainly focuses on coding and designing computer programs instead of skill in their use.

Is Computer Literacy Important in Education?

Due to rapidly advancing technology and the digital revolution, computers have become a vital part of human life. Knowledge of computers and their use has become profoundly essential in the modern-day era. However, when it comes to computer literacy worldwide, it is not up to the mark.

The computer literacy rate averages worldwide. When it comes to OECD countries, the computer literacy rate is poor. Around 25% of people do not even know how to use computers, 45% poorly know about computer uses, and only 30% are considered moderate to strong computer literates (Source). The data clearly shows the requirement of computer literacy in education.

Importance of Computer Literacy in Education

As Lauren Bradshaw (who works for, professional essay writing company) states, “In the contemporary technology-oriented era, computer literacy is not all about computers anymore; it has become essential for living.”

A decade ago, computers were used by only a handful of professions. However, it is not the case anymore. At the present time, knowledge of computers is essential in almost all fields. Moreover, computers have become ubiquitous in daily life and in our society, which clearly reflects the importance of computer literacy. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why computer literacy is important in education.

Modernizing Education

Education has remarkably benefited from the development of computers and technology. Computers have made it easier for students to keep up with the studies, and it has helped the teachers to improve the way of planning and teaching lessons.

Technology modernize education

Computer literacy helps students to improve their ways of studying. Computers can be used in a wide range of educational institutions to aid the learning process for students. Teachers can use audio-visual techniques to prepare lessons for students and make them creative.

Learning Job Skills 

Computers play an essential role in the present-day business world. At present, most basic jobs also include computers and technology. Computer literacy can help in preparing students for a wide range of possible careers.

Foundational Value

Computer literacy allows students to have basic knowledge about computers and how to use them. Having a basic understanding of computers makes it easy for students to learn advanced programs and concepts needed for different career options. It results in less time needed for learning different company software and applications necessary to fulfil a job role.

 Improving Student Performance

When technology is combined into lessons, students are more likely to be interested in the subjects they are studying. Computer literacy provides different opportunities for teachers to make learning more enjoyable and fun by teaching the same lessons in new ways.

For instance, teaching students by showing videos, gamification, or online learning resources helps to make learning more interesting. It can be hard to make teaching interesting through conventional lecture techniques and environment.

 Enhances Knowledge Retention in Students

When students get interested and engaged in lessons and things they are studying, they are more likely to have better knowledge retention. Computer literacy helps to encourage the active participation of the students in the classroom, which is an essential factor for enhanced knowledge retention. Using computers makes the students more focused on their studies, which eventually improves student performance.

Improves Efficiency 

Computer literacy is highly essential for students as it makes the learning process simple as well as efficient. It provides students access to a wide range of methods of communication that are unavailable offline. For instance, with proper computer literacy, students can directly communicate with teachers from anywhere.

It also allows the students to send homework to their teachers from anywhere, which helps them to complete their work outside the classroom and during school hours. Moreover, it also teaches them personal responsibility.

Encourages Better Research

Computer literacy and technology have made research easier as compared to that in the past. Decades ago, students had to go to various libraries and shuffle different encyclopaedias to carry out their research work. However, at the present time, most of the books are available online in digital format and can be easily accessed.

Computer literacy makes it easy for students to carry out their research work in a better and efficient manner. It allows students to research topics in minutes rather than days or hours it used to take.

Improves Individual Learning 

Every student is unique and learns in different ways because of different learning abilities and styles. Computer literacy provides amazing opportunities to make learning more effective for individuals with different learning needs.

It allows students to learn at their own pace, in their own ways, and they can also review difficult concepts as many times as they want. Moreover, it provides more opportunities for disabled or struggling students to learn in a better way.

Allows Students to Learn Life Skills

In the modern-day world, education is not limited to gaining bookish knowledge. It also includes learning the life skills needed to be successful in the future. Computer literacy can help students to develop various practical skills such as creating presentations, writing emails, and maintaining online etiquette. These are essential skills that can be learned with computer literacy.


What Computer Literacy Means: Final Words

It is essential to acknowledge that computers have become an essential part of everyday life. Basic computer skills are not only important for a successful future but also for a learning-oriented present. Computer literacy can help to improve students’ learning techniques. Moreover, it can help in preparing students for a wide range of career options and job opportunities. Therefore, computer literacy is essential in education for the overall development of students.

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