5 Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems in today’s K-12 Education

Learning Management System should not be a new word for you if you are a teacher involved with online learning. It is the foundation of that E-learning. All the training module and courses online are built on LMS. They have always being used in higher institutions and levels but it seems they are just recently being integrated into k-12 education. There are lots of LMS on the market at the moment for students in k – 12 classes. Some are fee based while others are totally free.

What are LMS and how will it benefit K – 12 education? Continue reading this post so that you will be enlightened about this system.

What is Learning Management Style (LMS)

LMS as it is popularly called are an important part of online learning and development. They are school software application that involves the provision of safe space for educational materials, contents, tools for the delivery of educational courses to students. The platform offers a way for students in any class to access learning resources and interact with their educators remotely.

Learning Management Systems can also be of great help to teachers. It provides then with grading tools, assessment tools to make delivery much easier for them. This type of learning has become very popular among the K 012 class due to the pandemic of 2020. E-learning platforms have been available for students in the university even before now. Some of the courses taken by students are strictly delivered online.

5 Benefits of Using Learning Management Systems in Today’s K-12 Education

Taking online classes offer students with flexibility and ease of working from the comfort of their homes. It is normal for parents to be worried about its effects on K-12 students since most of them are at developmental phases of their lives. It is necessary to know how LMS can be beneficial to K-12 education in today’s world.

No limitation to access of materials

Learning materials and resources are huge necessities to every student irrespective of their level. When a teacher uploads a subject material on the online learning platform, student will have equal access to it irrespective of their location. All it requires is for them to on into the platform using their smart phones or computers. It does not matter whether they are present in class or not, they will have unlimited access to all the educational resources shared in class. Textbooks, course works, can be shared remotely with all students easily.

Total comfort

A learning management system that is based on the net is accessible from any location and on any internet enabled device. K – 12 students do not need to get up early and begin the days preparation as they do with a physical school. All they need to do is stay at the comfort of their home to access their materials and instructions. They can log online and check their assignments or submit them easily without any excuse. LMS helps to provide tools that simplify education system.


One of the greatest benefits of ELearning and taking online classes is the total organization it involves. They offer a platform where every course material, tool, assignments, grades can be accessed without any disorganization. All it involves is to log in and access whatever it is you want in an easy way. There is no need flipping through books or checking desks to find any document. Teachers will have access to the necessary tools they need and students can access their textbooks and assignments online. Everything will become digital.

Increases parental engagement

Most parents and guardians do not have the time to go to school to check their children schedule or performances. Elearning provides them with the opportunity of getting to be on top of things. They will have access to their kids timetable, calendar, deadlines, and so on. This helps to raise parental engagement in the education of their kids. Students who might be struggling academically will get the help they need if their parent starts getting involved with their education. If all the parents need to do is log onto a platform to check their child’s performance, they will be able to do that easily on their computers.


Online learning provides educators the chance they need to easily track the performance of every student and share the feedback. This will let them know the strength and weakness of every student and help them in any aspect they are having problem with. Any information about the students can be sent either to them or their parents. These feedbacks can also be stored and rechecked to see if the student is improving or not. Feedback is an integral part of E-learning and every k -12 students will benefit hugely from it.


Online learning is the future of education, so it is advisable to begin to introduce your children as early as possible. Learning Management System will be highly beneficial to K – 12 students and will provide them with the necessary skill they need to excel academically.

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