10 Uses of Computers in Schools

10 Uses of Computer in School

Computers are widely used in schools today. Here are some of the popular uses of computer in school.

Education today has taken a radical turn, computers are increasingly used in many learning institutions today, due to the many wonderful benefits, they bring. Even though they are widely acknowledged to be expensive, they have increased access to information resources, interaction and personalized access to learning. Therefore, this article outlines 10 of the uses of computer in school today.

Uses of Computer in School

10 Uses of Computer in School.

  1. Virtual Classrooms

One of the top uses of computer in our school is in the creating of virtual and interactive classrooms. With computers, teachers can create courses for students and either offer lessons in real-time or give them access to lessons which they can download and view at a later time. Teachers can also create personalized courses for students who need extra attention to learn at the pace of their learning abilities.

  1. You can use a computer for creation of digital resources

Teachers can use computers in schools to create e-books, audiobooks and videos for their students. They can update these lovely e-materials at any time without the need for hefty funds. In addition, they can also update these learning materials easily without a lot of work or time.

  1. Interactive Learning apps

There are many applications today which can be used to increase the productivity of children. Some of these applications can be used to polish their Essays and create exceptional writing materials. In addition, they can access applications which can help them schedule their personal reading time and keep track of assignments.

  1. Educational Video games

A lot of us believe that the world video game is ascribed only to applications strictly for pleasure. This is false information. There are many more educational video games which can, for example, help your child with spellings, it helps them become better at mathematics or even learn more about the world in general. educational video games

In addition, there are video games created with exceptional storylines that can help your child gain better morals and become a better individual tomorrow.

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  1. Access to Information on the go

One of the uses of computer in school is the increased access to a wide range of information. students can either access this information from the digital libraries set up by our institutions or even from the bigger World Wide Web. Most of the information you get via these platforms are always current. This will enable the students to stay ahead all the time.

  1. Peer-to-peer assigned tasks

Teachers can provide team-oriented assignments via the use of computers in the classroom. They can carry out these assignments through the virtual world without any physical relationship between students. It saves time and increases speed and efficiency.

  1. Computer Literacy Education

One of the most popular uses of computer in school is its application in teaching students to acquire necessary computer skills. Today, being a Computer literate is a requirement in the job market. Therefore by acquiring these skills in school, students can increase their potentials of acquiring better job opportunities. Computer Literacy Education

In addition, some of the highest-paid career fields are the computer world. Students who further advance their computer education have greater opportunities for high paying jobs.


  1. Data processing and presentation

Through the uses of computer, school students can easily organize data with the use of spreadsheets or database and perform calculations in record time. They can also prepare digital presentations to be shared with their fellow classmates as well. With the help of computers, they can perform these task with ease.

  1. Faster means of Computing grades

Teachers can also utilize computers in schools to quickly store and organize information about the grades of their students. These databases can also contain information about their behaviours and attendance and participation. In addition, it is quite easy to edit these digital files. With the information, teachers can keep track of the performances of their students and make timely reports to their parents about their all-around performances from time to time.

  1. You can use the computer for Social Networking in school

With the help of Computers, students can communicate with one another as well as their teachers at any time without any geographical constraints, cultural or language barriers.

  1. Self-Learning

With the integration of the uses of computer in school these days, students can learn on their own beyond the curriculum of their schools. They have access to resources like Quora to turn their hobbies into careers and so much more.


Uses of computer in school - Self-learning

There are many more uses of computer in school but these are the most common uses. Computers may have some negative effects, but I believe that they are one of the best things that ever happened to the world we live in.

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