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YouTube’s Plan to Pay Artists for AI Music

A few weeks ago YouTube revealed how it plans to deal with the impact of AI technology on the music industry.

This is especially true in terms of its video hosting platform and its partnerships with labels, artists, and rights holders.

YouTube wants to protect artists’ work and they believe AI can also enhance music creativity.

To make this happen YouTube is launching “YouTube Music AI Incubator”.

This program will work with and help artists, songwriters, and producers who are in the music industry make informed decisions about AI’s role in their industry.

Initially, YouTube is partnering with Universal Music Group (UMG) and its artists, such as Anitta, Bj√∂rn Ulvaeus, Don Was, Juanes, Louis Bell, Max Richter, Rodney Jerkins, Rosanne Cash, Ryan Tedder, Yo Gotti, and Frank Sinatra’s estate.

UMG has been very cautious when it comes to AI whereas YouTube, not so much.

UMG asked streaming services like Spotify to help prevent companies from using their music to train AI models and have issued copyright strikes on AI-generated YouTube videos using their artist’s work.

The main concern for UMG is the unauthorized use of an artist’s work to train AI models that create new art without permission or compensation.

So UMG has partnered with YouTube to create a structure that establishes that rights holders will get paid.

YouTube mentions its investment in systems like Content ID, ensuring rights holders are compensated for their content on the platform. They suggest a similar system might work for AI music, at least for willing “music partners.”

This is a trust and safety endeavor from YouTube and they plan to use AI to identify and prevent copyright abuse, misinformation, and spam.

More details with be provided by YouTube regarding its AI music system.

The information will contain monetization options and policies that will be developed in the future.

Neal Mohan, YouTube CEO, says he is very excited about AI’s creative potential worldwide but does say that its success will depend on supporting partners which will include artists, songwriters, and producers that will deliver value to fans and expand on all creative possibilities.

This is news that we are surely looking forward to in the near future.

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