The Udemy Vs Lynda Comparison – Which Is Better?

In today’s world with the introduction of Technology, lives have become easier. For example, you can study any course online and get a certificate from the comfort of your home. Today, in this article, we will examine two awesome online educational websites Udemy vs Lynda. So, if you are looking for the difference or similarities between the two, or you are interested in knowing which one is better or, wish to know the benefits of each one, then we are glad to announce to you that you are in the right place.

Udemy Vs Lynda: Which Is Better?We will be discussing everything you need to know about Udemy vs Lynda. However, the primary fact that is common to both of them is that they offer online courses that are cost-effective, easy to access and flexible.

Lets us begin the contest oh … I mean the analysis.

In this post:

  • What is Udemy all about?
  • Lynda online course summary
  • The similarities between Udemy vs Lynda
  • What is the difference between Udemy vs Lynda?
  • Which is better?

Udemy Vs Lynda: Which Is Better?

What is Udemy all about?

udemy vs lynda

Udemy is a website where they offer a massive open online course (M.O.O.C). If you are interested in taking an online course, especially in the style of traditional post-secondary education, then you need to visit Udemy.

Furthermore, they have over 80,000 courses that over 10 million students have benefited from. However, their online courses require that pay a tuition fee to enroll. You can visit the Website today to see things for yourself.

The outstanding benefits of Udemy

  • Their training is very affordable

Some of their courses can cost as little as $20 and they offer tons of promotional coupon codes that give you discounts.

  • They have Professional as facilatators

Udemy has about 80,000 courses that you can choose from. Also, professionals worldwide based on their specific fields, teach these courses. In addition, there is always room for you to learn something in Udemy because they have interesting course content.

  • You can learn at your convenience

Whenever you feel like viewing or listening to lectures, you are free to do so. In addition, they do not give you any time limit. They also allow you to take notes virtually, download supplementary content, and even discuss course materials with either your instructors or fellow student.

  • They award a certificate of achievement

This can only be given to you when you have finished a course. Also, you can decide to share it or print it out. Furthermore, the certificate that Udemy will give to you, will serve as evidence that you have completed that course.

Lynda online course summary


Lynda is another website that offers online courses too. Moreover, their focus is on offering software, technology courses, creative skill, and business. Their website allows you to learn by giving the student access to teaching and books. You can visit the Website to learn more.

udemy vs lynda

An interesting piece of news you should know is that LinkedIn bought Lynda and incorporated it into a customizable learning site.

In addition, they have varieties of courses that you can choose from. Courses like producing creative leaders and entrepreneurs are also available in different languages like English, Spanish, French, Japanese and German.

The outstanding benefits of Lynda

  • It focuses on offering technology courses, business, software, and creative skills

Lynda makes learning online easy because you can always get access it anytime and study. Also, Lynda is guaranteeing you that you will receive professional advice that will enable you to have creative skills.

  • You can choose to go for the monthly or annual subscription

The monthly or annual subscription is available to you, all you need do is to choose the one that is convenient for you.

  • LinkedIn is the new owner of Lynda.

That is, they combine their teaching with the LinkedIn account. Moreover, this website suggests courses based on your work experience and what you are currently doing.

  • You cannot miss a class 

If by any chance you miss a class, you can easily download the course or courses on your mobile phone. In addition, they have quizzes and practice sheets that you can use.

The similarities between Udemy vs Lynda

  1.  Both of them are popular online course providers that are known for common learning techniques such as lectures and practical exercise globally via the internet.
  2. Their major focus is Adult education especially for those who are working.
  3. They both operate unlimited access to classes, therefore you are free to learn at your convenience.

 What is the difference between Udemy vs Lynda?

  1. Based on the general ranking, Udemy is ranked 8th while Lynda is ranked 10th.
  2. Their payment options are different, Udemy allows enrollment of a one-time purchase while Lynda allows for a monthly subscription.
  3. Lynda offers a 30days free trial while Udemy does not offer a free trial.
  4. Udemy payment option includes a charge per course while Lynda is base on either a monthly or an annual subscription which is open to many courses.
  5. You have more courses available in Udemy than Lynda. Udemy has about 80,000 courses while Lynda has just 12,000 courses.

Which is better?

If you are looking for good on-demand access to a diverse catalog of courses with a monthly fee, you should choose Lynda as the best option. However, if you are also considering a very large catalog of affordable course, then you should go for Udemy.

Although we are not going to decide for you, we have given you the benefits of each of them. It is now left for you to decide which one will be best for you.


Lastly, based on the comparison and contrast between Udemy vs Lynda, You can see that they are both online learning websites that have lots to offer to you. The good thing about them is that they are both effective online learning platforms. Now that you have basic facts about them make your choice between Udemy vs Lynda.

Also, share your experience with any of these websites so that other readers can benefit and, please share this post on social media.

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