15 Advantages of Mobile Phones for Students


Mobile phones are becoming quite popular in our World today even among students of all ages, check out the advantages of mobile phones for students.

Advantages of mobile phones for students

School and colleges have different sets of rules about mobile phones, its use and possession during school hours. Majority of schools ban the use of mobile phones during school hours because of its effects while others have rules about limited rules about it. Typically, there is no one size fits all method for running a school. However, here are the advantages of mobile phones for students.

Advantages of mobile phones for students.

1. Communication

Communication is one of the most significant advantages of a mobile phone in schools. Mobile phones offer a very direct measure for contacts between parents and their kids while they are at school.  For instance, when a parent wishes to tell their child about running late, they can do so faster by sending them a text message and many more.

2. Information on the Go

Information is another great advantage of mobile phones in schools. Students can quickly make researchers about their lessons and gain more insights beyond the scope of their textbooks. The Internet is a treasure trove of information, all that is need is to search for the information you need.

3.  Emergencies

If a student falls ill at any time, a cell phone can pose a direct means of contacting someone immediately. In addition, if students run into situations where they feel alone especially when walking home from school, they can quickly contact anyone who can pick them up as soon as possible.


4. Time Keeping

Mobile phones are excellent timekeeping tools. It can be used by students to keep track of time, be punctual to classes and many more. Mobile phones also have notes, calendar feature and memo buttons that can be used to keep track of assignments, important events, and important information they need to stay productive at school work. This is another significant advantage of mobile phones in schools.

5. Fun and Games

During recess, mobile phones can be used as a way to ease boredom and stay engaged at such times. In addition, these games can be used in challenging their brains to make them smarter (games like Candy crush saga or sudoku) or can be used in teaching them about responsibilities and making the right choices (like Angry Birds ).

mobile phones for students

6. Location Location Location

Students sometimes go on adventure trips, its one of their rebellious natures.  With the GPS technology on their mobile phones, parents can instantly gain access to these locations. In addition, maps can be used by this students to pinpoint their location and create a route the right destination.

7. A Recording device

Another great advantage of mobile phones for schools is that it can serve as a recording device. Lessons that require more time to attain perfect understanding can be recorded using mobile phones and replayed letter in a quiet environment.

8. As participation tool

The mobile phone also serves another great advantage in schools because it can serve as a powerful participation tool in classrooms. Teachers can create poll questions and students can simply text their response to the number made available by the Teacher. Live results will thus be displayed and reviewed by the entire classroom. By doing this, teachers can quickly determine the understanding of a particular topic and restructure their lesson plan to meet this accordingly.

9. As an organizational tool

As an organization tool is one of the great advantages of mobile phones for students. Some apps such as the myHomework App can be used as a cross-platform which allows students to receive notifications and reminders for upcoming events and deadlines. Teachers can also easily put up new assignments and projects as they come up using this platforms.

10. Get to know what happens around the World.

Students can also make great career choices when they have accurate information about all that is happening around them. They can pick up on new opportunities such as entries into the right school or competitions and many more from time to time. Typically, this information may be made available by schools or even their parents but on their own, it can be accessed faster, so they are better prepared at all times.Students using a mobile a phone

11.  Teacher and Instructor

In a world that is gearing towards single learning patterns. Students can quickly gain access to further their educations on subjects they love that may have a limited scope in their traditional places of learning. With their mobile phones, they can sign up on new lectures and attend long distance schools from the comfort of their homes. This is one of the most significant advantages of mobile phones for students.

12. Can serve as money-making tools

Nowadays many companies put up great applications that serve as means to get more information on how useful their products and services are, in return they pay for this services in terms of incentives, coupons and gift cards. One of the most popular app for this purpose is the Swagbucks app. Therefore students can make a little extra income on the side by participating in this events.

13. Better means of preparing for the future

Another great advantage of mobile phones for students is that it helps them become better prepared for the future. As adults, they will be working with mobile devices on a daily basis, it will also serve as vital components of their careers. Therefore knowing how to use mobile phones to the maximum should be incorporated from their youth.

14. Up-to-date Information

Many schools are not properly equipped with the most current information about certain subjects. This is because of the number of funds needed to update physical textbooks. With their mobile phones, students can gain insights about the latest news, information, statistics and many more.


15. Increased mobility

E-books are becoming extremely popular in schools. These are because they can be easily updated from time to time without too many funds needed. In addition, Teachers can provide more specialized digital textbooks for their students as well.

Students, on the other hand, can gain access to their digital textbooks at any time and these make them more organized and productive.

And there you have it, some of the major advantages of mobile phones for students. Even as mobile phones do have some notable disadvantages, with the right tutoring, they can serve as excellent tools to everyone.

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