connect phone to TV wirelessly

How to Connect Phone to TV Wirelessly

It can be unsatisfying and tiring to want to watch a movie or series on your mobile phone. There is no way you will compare your phone’s screen resolution to a television. You might even have to squint your eyes in other to get a clearer picture of what you are viewing. It is quite alarming that there are high percentages of people that do not know how to connect phone to TV wirelessly. If you want to enjoy your films in a better and quality graphics, you will agree with me that it is very important to know how to connect to the television.

It is very easy to connect your phone to the TV in order to view your mobile phone on a screen that is much bigger. There is no need to worry about any problem arising because you will be switch between the two apps easily. It is possible to also mirror your phone to your television so that you will be able to access it anywhere you are.

Basics of wireless connection

Do you know you can connect phone to TV wirelessly? If you don’t, well, now you do.

The wireless technology has been advancing and evolving as the years pass by. Before its invention, people had to use different adapters and wired to stream from their phones to TV. But it is no longer so, as you can now stream videos from your phone to the Television wirelessly.

Aside from watching films, it is also useful in classrooms and board rooms. It is very easy to carry phones around so they can give presentations and have meetings very easily. All that it requires is for multiple contents to be streamed from different people. They can share ideas and insights in a productive and more effective way. Linking your mobile device to your smart TV is also a way to bring your family close together. Knowing how to share contents like family images or stream a short clip from your phone to TV can achieve so many things.

connect phone to TV wirelessly

How to connect Phone to TV with cables

There are so many ways you can connect mobile phones with TV either wirelessly or with a cable connection.


This method is very reliable when transferring data from your phone to TV. However, it is not wireless as you need an HDMI cable to do that. Every television has an HDMI port where you can use it for transferring audio and video. A phone does not have this port but there are adaptors that you can make use of. Some android phones might have this port either mini or micro which can connect directly with a single cable.

HML-HDMI Adapter pics - connect phone to TV wirelessly
HML-HDMI Adapter

Anyways, you need to be certain that the cable you want to use is compatible.


If you familiar with connecting a USB to a laptop, this should be pretty easy for you. Most phones charger has an easily detachable cable that can be connected to PC or adaptors. You can connect phone to TV with this if your television has a USB port. You will be able to access all the contents in your phone’s memory on your television.

USB Cable Port and Cable Pics
USB Cable Port and Cable

Once it is connected, you should get a prompt on your mobile device that will enable you to transfer. You will have direct access to all your pictures and video in the phone’s memory.

How to connect phone to TV wirelessly

It is also possible to transfer and exchange content between your phone and TV without any cable but over a network. If you would want the wireless connection, follow the tips below.


If you don’t want to use any wires to establish a connection between your phone and Television, you can make use of casting. When you do this, you stream contents from your phones by connecting it with a Wi-Fi network as well as your TV. You can make use of different streaming applications like Miracast or AllCast. Once you download this application on your phone, you enable wireless display in other to cast to devices that are close by.

Devices such as Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast can also be used. All you have to do is to plug them into your televisions HDMI port and you will be able to connect phone to laptop wirelessly.


If you are using an Apple mobile phone, then you can use AirPlay to cast video and audio wirelessly. It was built mainly for apple devices so you can only use it to send content from an iPad or iPhone to an Apple Television. The phone and TV need to be connected to a wireless network at the same time in order from detection to occur. Once they automatically detect one another, you will be able to transfer data.

Connect Phone to TV wirelessly: Conclusion:

Finally, you can get data whether wirelessly or with cables from your mobile devices to the Television. With all that I have explained in this post, it should be easy for you to connect phone to TV without any hassle.


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