20 Disadvantages of Mobile phones

Analyzing the disadvantages of mobile phones not just to us as individuals but the environment is necessary. Today’s society accommodates mobile phones without questioning its effects.

disadvantages of mobile phones

In the world we live in, technology has become the core of our existence and mobile phones are now regarded as indispensable tools for millions of lives all over the world. It does have a lot of functions such as an instant connection between people, listening to music, staying up to date on the latest news, watching online shows and a whole lot more.

Phones can even be used to control your entire business schedule for the day. However even as they seem a critical necessity, it is important we look at their negative impacts. Therefore, this article looks at the 20 disadvantages of mobile phones.

The Disadvantages of mobile phones.

1. Adverse Impacts on our social and personal connections

Using mobile phones during meetings

How many meetings do we attend today and find every individual at such events paying due attention to the focal point of discussion? It is more popular to find more than 60% of participants checking their phones from time to time. Also, mobile phones have found their way into our personal relationships. It is becoming increasingly easy to establish conversations with mobile phones rather than the next individual. Mobile phones dehumanize our contact with others creating an imbalance where people no longer know how to interact with one another in real life.

2. Brain cancers

Certain studies have shown that mobile phone can cause tumours in the brains. These they find is due to the increased access to many waves and radiations that are unpleasant to our health. When you look at the disadvantages of mobile phones, this is one of the most significant adverse impacts of using mobile phones.

3.  Sleeping disorders

Research point to the fact that the blue light released by mobile phones can trick your brain into confusing night time for daylight making it harder for you to sleep. Many studies have linked mobile phones to Insomnia.

3. The indirect cause of Major accidents

Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush from Pexels.

Although accidents can be caused by anything from bad roads to misjudged events, mobile phones have been known to be an indirect source of these accidents. Recently, Google recreated the Google Map to do more than give you access to maps, you can now play music and do whole other things. This is a welcome idea as many drivers today are compelled to do more than just drive, that is, they are usually found trying to navigate their phones right behind the steering wheel. In the US alone, about nine people are killed every day from road accidents involving distracted drivers.

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4. Unhealthy Economic Drain

Today, there is no day that passes by without any form of the upgrade on an OS, app or any other component of mobile phones. A lot of enthusiasts feel compelled at every moment to “upgrade” to the latest productivity even when it does not actually increase their productivity. Newer models of mobile phones are released every day. Today we have cell phones at $1,000 and it is still on the increase.

5. Enhanced levels of Stress

Mobile phones enhances stress
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels.

Mobile phones cause different forms of stress. This is an obvious disadvantage of mobile phones. When you become dependent or rather addicted to it, it becomes difficult to stay without it. Some studies have shown that people do get anxious when they cannot reply to messages or answer calls when they see their phone screen light up not minding the environment at the time.

6. Wrecks the Immune System

Without a proper and balanced way of living, stress alongside other factors can disrupt our body system including its natural abilities to fight off infectious diseases. Also, phones apart from money can be regarded as warehouses of dirt. Oily, grease residue from the screen of your mobile phone has been found to contain more disease-causing germs that can be found on the toilet seat. These germs attack your immune system, weakening it in the process.

7. Eye/ Vision problems

Eye or vision problems are also one of the major disadvantages of mobile phones usage. The Blue light from our mobile phones is very harmful to our eyes especially when we spend a significant part of the day glued to the screen of our mobile phones.

8. Reduces productivity

Mobile phones reduces productivity

Since there is just so much to see or watch or do on Social media apps, we spend a lot of time there. This adversely means that less time will be spent making our lives productive. In addition, due to the insistent distractions caused by this require uses, our attention and dedication to the work at hand will be hampered upon leading to less productivity in our daily goals.

9. Nomophobia

Nomophobia is a term used to describe being out of mobile phone contact or more literally to anxiety disorders that emanate from being out of contact with our mobile phones. These form of anxiety disorder is becoming increasingly bothersome at the moment.

10. Increased vulnerability to cybercrimes

Mobile phones pose as convenient access to software for storage of sensitive information and these storage houses, in turn, are susceptible to being hacked. Today cybersecurity issues are attributed as one of the most significant disadvantages of using mobile phones.

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11. Decreased Attention span

It is generally accepted that the more time you can stay away from your phone, the more you can increase your level of concentration on the work at hand. Mobile phones decrease our attention span, making it difficult to concentrate on what is more important.

12. Depression

Although not directly, mobile phones can cause depression. This we know, results from the increase in anxiety levels and stress, inability to access fresh air, and reduced healthy sleeping patterns. All of these combined can cause severe depression. Also, many teenagers and young adults have begun to attribute the “no of likes” on a certain post to how people feel about them. When they do not get a certain amount of likes, they become easy prey to depression as well as other Anxiety disorders.

13. Mobile phones cause skin infections/allergies

The Metallic areas of our mobile phones to make them look a lot more attractive but at the same time, they are susceptible to picking dirt. Thes germs may cause many skin problems. In addition, some of these metallic layers such as cobalt, nickel and chromium are all well-known forms of skin allergens and can cause cellphone dermatitis.

14. Undue Weight gain

More time spent with a mobile phone often means for a lot of people, less time spent getting fresh air or even taking a hike down the road. These means a lot of us are burning a lot fewer calories than we ingest which is very bad for our health.

15. Prone to accidents

Disadvantages of mobile phones - causes accidents

pedestrian accidents are on the increase daily and are now regarded as one of the major disadvantages of mobile phones. This is because a lot of people who use mobile phones on the road are less aware of their physical environments and may walk right into an accident or a danger zone.

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16. RSI

Tapping consistently on a mobile phone causes chronic strain to the fingers which can lead to repetitive strain injury on your fingers.

17. Decrease fertility / Risks to the Unborn

Radiation from mobile phones has been linked to infertility and they are quite harmful to the unborn baby. This poses as another one of the major disadvantages of mobile phones.

18. Decreased Levels of empathy and happiness

Studies have shown that mobile phones decrease our ability to have real-time interactions with others. It has also shown that these increased levels of isolation from physical contact reduce our ability to empathize with others.

20. Disrupts our ability to cope with our daily lives.

More time spent on our mobile phones means a lot less time to have fun, work productively, and overall manage our time. With complete loss of control over our hours, we become a shell of who we are and who we can become. This is not one of the most apparent disadvantages of mobile phones, but it is a general problem affecting all of us.

There are many other disadvantages of mobile phones as well as a wide expanse of advantages. The key, therefore, is to find a balance between all aspects of your life. Do share with us on your thoughts about this article.

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