Advice and Guidance for Selling Old and Used Laptops

There are many reasons for people to sell their used laptops. You do not need many reasons to buy the used technic. It is enough to have at least one of them – a desire to economize. Speaking about the laptops, this desire is fully excused – the price for a laptop is usually high. Buying a used laptop, you can save about 30% of its primary price.

hoosing a portative computer is no joke. To take a balanced approach to this question, you can choose a laptop, which maximally meets your requirements, being worth your money. To make a successful choice you need to have the definite answers a set of questions.

Laptops warranty

The best variant is buying a laptop, which is still under warranty. In this case you have an opportunity to get a warranty repair for free. If the warranty term is not valid, there are a couple of other variants. Cooperating with the service companies, you will get a minimum warranty. As a rule, the term lasts about 2-3 months.

Making a private deal, you have a chance to sell or buy a good powerful device for a good price. However, you will be left without any warranty. There is always an opportunity to be failed and buy a broken or out-of-date device. In this case, all the roads lead to Rome, meaning that Rome is a service company, where you can buy or sell the laptop of any condition.

A passport to success

If you do not want to buy a broken laptop, you should remember a couple of tips. First of all, pay attention to the laptop or Laptops outward. This rule is important for various situations, selling or buying a laptop. If your device is dirty, careless, it speaks of the computer bad condition. I would never buy such an example! Though, there are few people, who want to buy my dirty laptop from me. Having some doubts, do not risk – a second-hand market is wide. So, you can easily make a successful deal with someone else.

Setup disks

Usually, the full set to sell is a laptop and a charging case. Do not forget about the setup disks. Their existence facilitates your life a lot in future.

Scratches and cracks

Examine the laptop for the presence of cracks and scratches on it. This is not the key point of a deal, but a rather good motive to make a price lower. Pay attention to the corpus cracks – they are the results of the computer falling down. If visually, the laptop matrix is ok, there can be many micro fissures, making influence into the machine workability. Check the screen carefully – such physical contacts, like pressing or knocking can help to show a set of important defects, like dead pixels or flare spot.

Dead pixels

Dead pixels are not the pleasant companions. If you have noticed a dead pixel at the very brink of a screen – it cannot stop you from irritating your nerves. There are special programs to help you, changing the monitor dressing into black, green, blue and red colors. This is a firm program to check the laptop screen condition.


Generally speaking, the fact of starting up the system is a test for your laptop to work well. If the operating system is not available – this is a moment to think about. Possibly, the laptop is broken. There is always a sense to speed the machine. It is necessary to give a full load of the laptop operative system, checking the machine workability. The result of speeding your laptop can be overheating. Having no special systems to check everything clearly – start the archivation process. Sometimes, it helps to evince the truth.


You should keep in mind that the discharge profile of your laptop can be non-linear. As the practice shows, people usually have many problems because of a half-charged battery. Buying a laptop is not easy to define the full battery condition. There are many special programs to help you.

CD/DVD mechanism

If you think that you will never use your CD or DVD mechanism, the life situations can be different. It is never too late to check the disk drive of the laptop by placing a few disks in it.

Hard drive

To check the hard drive, it is recommended to use a special testing system. It would not go amiss to check the hard disk drive SMART elements, giving the clear characteristics of the laptop working condition. As a rule, the procedure takes some time. Nevertheless, you should never ignore it. If you cannot do this for any reason – start making copy of something, paying a close head to the hard drive working process. Listen to something strange and unusual – this is the first reason to suspect of something wrong.

Keyboard checking

The laptop keyboard can be watered with something sticky or sweet. As the result of this, the keys are out of order. The checking procedure is very simple just switch on a laptop and try to tape something.


Fundamentally, there is always a sense to check the working condition of Wi-Fi, networking card, and ports. As practice shows, if the mechanism is available in the system – it works well. That is why try to go on the Device manager and check if there are something unavailable and unclear.

Of course, these advice and recommendations are predicted to help people in buying and selling old and used laptops. Why do you need them? It is important to prepare your laptop for selling in the best way! There are more than 15 well-known producers of different gadgets in the world: Quant0, Compal, Wistron, Asustek, Samsung, Apple, Dell, Uniwill and others. It is difficult to say, which of the laptops you need. That is why choosing something special, think of a concrete model, not a producer. Do not forget that the laptop can be out of order as time went on. Your technic, new or used, needs the concrete hardware check and prevention. There is the last advice after all – negotiate to make your deal profitable. There is nothing bad in it. Each of the laptop real defects makes the price lower.

We sell and repair all kinds of Laptops; we equally advice regarding laptops and general use of technology gadgets.

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