10 benefits of information technology

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It is quite glaring that the benefits of technology are massive. Technology is one of the major applications of knowledge that makes the world an enjoyable place. Every day, new scientific ideas are giving birth to new technological innovations which have in turn made life easy for people.

Most times, I use to ponder deeply on how our forefathers used to communicate effectively and keep close ties with their relatives and loved ones when there were no phones and Telecommunications technologies as at then.
Indeed, they were used to the communication channels that they were able to have access to by that time.

benefits of technology

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Today, the difference is clear. If your mobile phone gets spoilt or goes out of touch for a few days, then it is akin to being in abject incommunicado because you will be disconnected from virtually everybody around you.

Without mincing words, the world has undergone consistent technological metamorphosis over the centuries and decades and this has impacted massively on the lives of men.

Some of the technological trends which are invoked today seemed unrealistic and may be classified as magic, witchcraft or voodoo if practicalized by an individual two or three centuries ago.
There are many importance of modern technology today. With one click you can have a video conversation with people anywhere in the world.
You can buy, sell, communicate, disseminate information, learn, earn a degree, work, search for jobs, carry out research and many other things via information technology.

The benefits of technology cannot be overemphasized as it has so many positive impacts on society.

Benefits of Technology.

In this article, we shall highlight the top 10 benefits of technology. Itemized below are some of the merits of information technology:

1. Globalized News reportage

Globalized News reportage
This is one of the major benefits of technology. Today, news reporting has taken a different dimension. Mass communication has become easier and quicker. Wireless communication has instigated fast news update as it happens from anywhere within the globe, be it New York, South Africa or Australia. People can easily tune to have access to the latest news updates either through the internet, Youtube channels or television channels. Indeed, the world has now become a globalized community thanks to the positive strides of information technology.

2. Online Distant learning

Information technology has knitted the education sector to allow students to attend classes, colleges and universities online. Now, students can register for courses, watch lecture videos, download study materials and interact with their lectures via the internet.

Technological advancement has simplified education and research. Indeed the ease in which research work can be accomplished is actually one of the major benefits of technology. With this, working-class people and even nursing mothers can attend now attend lectures from home.

3. Online Health Care

online healthcareAround the globe, patients can now establish contact with their Doctors online. This has boosted patients health care in the world over. People fall sick every day and they will continue to fall sick. Hence it is pertinent for people to have quick access to health care right from the confines of their homes. Patients can now harness the virtual online health care services and communicate with expert physicians for diagnosis.

In addition to this, the invasion of telemedical and electronic health records has boosted the efficiency in private and public health care services globally.

4. Job Creation

Information technology has provided jobs for so many people. In fact, the number of jobs and job opportunities abounded on the internet is increasing by the day since the internet blogosphere is expanding daily. Indeed one of the major benefits of technology is the creation of online jobs. Many people are now working and earning huge amounts of money from their homes. The web designer, web developers, online freelancers, system analysts, testing, software developers, online marketers, forex traders all work online from their homes.

5. Access to Remote Connectivity

Access to Remote ConnectivityThe workability of information technology is increasing by the day. This has paved the way for more improvements. Now, one can easily operate his office computer right from the house via the remote connection. Access to remote connection is another major breakthrough by technological advancement. It has improved efficiency and productivity as people can now work even from the road, when in a train, when on vacation. In fact, working cannot be truncated on the grounds of distance.

6. Extensive Economic activities

Virtually all the businesses are now on the internet. The process of buying and selling are no longer restricted by time and distance. Today, more opportunities have been created for interconnection with clients and customers from around the globe. Companies with an online presence now have a plethora of large audience and customer base via the internet. Companies can now establish a creative cloud connection with other companies from different parts of the world.

7. Entertainment

Advancements in information technology have made access to music and videos easier. Different formats of audio and video files can now be played and viewed on laptops, smartphones, iPods and other devices. Nowadays, newly released music is first accessed online even before the official launching. Musical and movie videos can now be watched on the internet via Youtube and other video platforms. People can now purchase, download and watch their favourite music and video files instead of lurking around video and musical shops. Waiting for Friday Night shows or special television programmes are now things of the past as people can now download and watch there TV reality shows easily.

8. Cheaper means of communication

WhatsApp communication

Communication over the internet is cheap and effective. Instant messaging can now be done via emails, messengers and text messages through various online Apps. This is clearly one of the benefits of technology as businesses and people can now send messages and connect instantaneously with their clients and customers at cheaper rates.

9. Globalization

The world is now a global community. People can now chat and keep close contact with friends and relatives from distant places. For instance, social media has provided a platform for people to interact and grow together even without having one-on-one contact.
Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have more ‘citizens’ than some countries and the cultural and distance barrier to communication has been removed.

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10. Accuracy in an information storage

One of the benefits of technology is the ability for government, businesses and private organizations to store and process information in a systematic means accurately and speedily. There are various spreadsheet, database management systems and word processing tools which are useful in the integration and processing of large customer and client data.

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