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The Best Language Learning Apps of 2023

Best Language Learning Apps of 2020: Introduction

If I could recommend any set of language learning apps to you, it would be some of these. In our little way, we have watched and listened to foreign languages around us with awe. One wishes to at least, understand what was being said, even if we couldn’t speak it. Some have even gone as far as enrolling in classes, but they couldn’t keep up. Gladly, there is a solution. In fact, there a couple of them and you will find them here.

Hence, I present to you, the best language learning apps that are around this year. These applications we will be discussing soon are to help you meet that goal of learning a new language during your spare time or now that you have all the time in the world. Let’s get to it!

Best Language Learning Apps of 2020


Lingualift is one of the language learning apps for individuals who take it seriously. This is not to say that we, other language lovers aren’t serious about learning. The web-application, available from any browser is designed to help its users learn the languages it offers through speech, reading, and writing. There are tutors who help students understand what seems difficult to them and sometimes give them exercises to do from home. The Language Learning application has an inbuilt algorithm that tracks every student’s progress and suggests a review of words and concepts when due.

Before lessons start, after registration, that is, students are asked personal questions concerning their schedule and learning ability. Experts use this information to prepare a personalized course outline for each student.

The first lesson is free and on payment, you have the option of getting your money back after 30 days if you are unsatisfied.

Some languages currently offered are Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew. French, Spanish, and Mandarin are to be added soon.


This Language Learning app is unlike Lingualift, one for the fun lovers. Users can learn any language of their choice when they watch and listen to locals speak the language they wish to learn. Interaction with locals on your mobile phone through the Memrise mobile app. A variety of fun ways learning is present in the Language Learning app in the form of games to help you remove boredom from learning. However, if all that doesn’t convince you, the fact that it received the Best App on Google Play Awards in 2017 should.

Languages offered on this learning app include French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and of course, English. Other languages are available as well. Do well and check it out to get the real experience.


Duolingo is one of the best-known language learning apps. The app motivates and entertains learners while they learn. This is due to the design of the app. Courses are “gamified” and learning sped up with the application of what language concept and words in a time-sensitive game. Students receive grades immediately they complete their exercises and they earn virtual coins. Duolingo also offers learning experiences through podcasts, interactive stories, and in-person events.

It is no wonder that the Duolingo English test is acceptable in many universities worldwide.

Best Language Learning Apps of 2020


This Language Learning App is an award-winning education app in the year 2011. Mindsnacks has approached language learning in a way that is adaptable to every age. Its games will help you have unforgettable experiences in learning. Its personalized education program will help you track your progress and you can see how well you are doing with just a login. The Language Learning App even challenges you to learn a new word every day. Of course, the word has to be in the language you’re learning.

Languages offered are Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, and Portuguese.


There is no better way to learn a language than having a conversation with people fluent in that language. HelloTalk is a mobile app that works as a social messaging app, only with a difference. The Language Learning App corrects you on-screen when you say or type the wrong thing. This is possible because of the intuitive language tools it has. These tools help to translate, pronounce, and make corrections where necessary. With HelloTalk, communication is smoother and learning is inevitable.

The Language Learning app, available on android and iOS store, supports more than 150 languages and has more than 18 million members.


From the name, you must have deduced that this is for international travelers. With Triplingo, travelers to places with languages and cultures different from theirs need not worry so much about how they will communicate. The Language Learning App has an in-built phrasebook and voice translator that helps one learn over time and effectively communicate with locals. Its best features are when it comes to learning are the audio lessons, intelligent quiz, and interactive flashcards.

Best Language Learning Apps of 2020

Busuu - Language Learning AppsBusuu

As one of the best language learning apps, Busuu is available for free and at a premium. It offers lessons in Turkish, Polish, Arabic, and some other more popular languages. The Language Learning app employs machine learning technology to teach its users. Goals are set for students to keep them motivated. On the app, there is a community of people where users can find native speakers of the language they are learning. Engaging them in conversations, help speed up, and apply their learning.

HiNative - Language Learning AppsHiNative

This is one of the language learning apps where you can ask questions concerning a language from their native speakers and get a response. It is called the Learning Language Q&A app. That is because of the method it employs in helping its users learn the language they wish to. There are sections of different languages. All you have to do is click on the section of language you wish to learn and ask your question. Responses from speakers of the language will appear on your screen almost immediately. You can even post your questions using voice notes and getting your answers the same way. That definitely helps a learner’s pronunciation.

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