12 Interesting facts About the Computer

Computers have metamorphosed to become very vital items in the lives of people. It is needed on a daily basis in places such as schools, churches, offices, banks, industries and in virtually all the homes.

The computer has simplified so many arduous tasks. They accept many instructions, processes them and give out results. Computer programs including the internet have impacted positively in so many ways. So many businesses now depend on the internet for survival and the number of internet users has increased steadily over the years.

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Meanwhile, there are so many amazing and interesting facts about the computer. 20 interesting facts about the computer will be highlighted in this post and you will be astonished by so many of these facts.

Interesting facts about the computer.

  1. The first computer was invented about 4,000 years ago in Babylon. It was merely a calculator which was designed to handle difficult calculation and arithmetic problems at a very fast pace which are beyond the abilities of a human.
    The first computer
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    The first computer was made to function as a giant calculator and a counting device. It possessed an enormous characteristic of the Abacus.

  2. The internet was invented by a man named Sir Tim Burner. This was in the year 1989. The internet garnered more users as a much faster pace than the radio and the television. The internet garnered 50 million couples in 4 years. This is in contrast to 38 years which was used by radio and 13 years which was used by television to attain the same feat. Today, the internet has become very important mostly in making money and cash transactions simple. 92% of the world’s currency exists on the internet while only 8% is physical money.
  3. The first electronic computer was by the name ENIAC. It was very heavy and massive with a weight of about 27 tons. It occupied a large space of about 1800 square feet. Doug Engelbart is the man who invented the first ever computer mouse. The mouse was wooden in nature and this took place in the year 1964. This came some few years before the creation of the first hard drive in 1979. The hard drive was only 5 MB in size.
  4. “00000000” was used in the United States for 8 years as the password for computers that control the nuclear missiles. Research shows that the number of new and fresh viruses released every month exceeds 5000.
    computer viruses are released every month
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    There are thousands of virus writers in the world and over 70% are employed by top cybercrime syndicates while the remaining 30% write viruses that assist in solving day to day problems.! The weight of the first ever hard disk was 550 pounds. It was made in 1980 and was able to occupy up to 1 GB of data.

  5. Wikipedia, online encyclopedia is one of the greatest resource centres in the world. It is very accurate and effective and is monitored by a single computer program. This computer program is 99% accurate. It detects, stops and blocks about 50% of the vandalism in Wikipedia.
  6. The computer keyboard is arranged in rows and columns. So many words can be coined from letters writers in one row. The longest is the word, “TYPEWRITER”.
  7. The human brain is very powerful and if well harnessed, it could perform a trillion times better than the computer. The human can carry over 3580 terabytes of memory and it would be able to undertake 38,000 trillions of system operations in every one second.
  8. A normal human being blinks for twenty times within one minute but when in front of the computer screen, the human being blinks for just 7 times in every one minute.
  9. Millions of emails are sent daily, but more than 80% of daily emails are spam emails.
  10. The garage is one of the most isolated sections of the house but it has served as the birthplace of many renowned companies worldwide. These companies all started from the garage and later expanded to become a household name. Hewlett and Packards – HP was birthed in the garage.Microsoft owned by Bill gates started from the garage. Apple started from the garage. The world’s most widely used search engine – Google also started from a Garage. The woman who donated her garage to the owners of Google later became the owner of Youtube.
  11. Bill Gates is the owner of Microsoft, the design of his house was done using a Macintosh computer.
  12. Windows is a Brainchild of the Microsoft companies, it was initially called “interface manager.
  13. The group of engineers that designed the IBM computers were known as the ” dirty dozen”. They were twelve in number.
  14. The greatest and most heavy computer ever made was the IBM 5120 in the year 1980. It was 105 pounds in weight while the external floppy disk was 130 pounds.
  15. Wish to know why the computer keyboard has QWERTY button arrangement? This is because initially, the keys of the keyboard were arranged in alphabetical order. The typing was quite simple and users were able to type very fast. This caused problems as the computer systems used to hang intermittently. The QWERTY button arrangement was invented to reduce the speed of typing.
  16. Professional typists are fast in typing and they type daily. It is observed that they type a large number of words and if the distance of their fingers were to be measured, then the fingers would have travelled a distance of 12.6 miles per day.
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  18. It is quite absurd that most of the pictures uploaded on the internet are nudity of women. The percentage of nude women pictures on the internet is amazingly 80%.
  19. The first browser app was created in 1993. It is called Mosaic software. It was created even before Mozilla Firefox, opera browser and chrome.
  20. As at now, Facebook has over one billion users. If this number was to be compared to the world population, then Facebook would have been the 3rd most populated country in the world.

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