Importance of Security Education in Schools And Society

Some students may be asked to state four importance of security education. Don’t worry, in this article, we will highlight not just four or five but 9 importance of security education in schools and in the society.

The rate of insecurity, kidnapping, vandalism and various forms of terrorist attack is becoming very alarming. Children are at risk of exploitation. As the day goes by.

The Incidence of insecurity, war and political instability has become the order of the day. Men and women, young and old are exposed to various forms of danger.

Precarious and dangerous situations have become highly prevalent in our schools. Indeed the whole world is becoming very dangerous and frightening. Confusion and chaos intermittently occur in various places thereby causing emergency situations in our schools and homes.

importance of security education
In such a situation, there is a need for serious security education in schools. Our students and teachers should be trained on how to secure and protect their selves from danger. Most of these dangers are sporadic and unpredictable.

In some schools, colleges and homes, intruders roam about the environment and the premises without any control. They easily gain access to the schools and therefore put the children and teachers at great risk.

It is crystal clear that these hapless kids and teachers need special security skills and efforts in order to be safe in such dangerous situations. It is quite pertinent for them to know about the security risks around them.

Importance of security education.

Right now, we shall start enumerating the importance of security education in schools and society.

Security Education instigates security awareness

It is very pertinent for security education to be taught in schools because it will make the students to be aware of the security threats around them. It is not possible for the students and teachers to protect their selves against security threats when they are not even aware of the security threats around them. Security education is important since it will unravel the enormous security physical threats as well as information threats. Security awareness is the first step to preventing danger. Security awareness cannot be achieved without security education.

instigates security awareness

Greater chance of employment.

Greater chance of getting employed is one of the benefits of security education. There is an increasing need for security in schools, churches and other public and private organizations. This has instigated the need for certain information to be kept confidential. This has a resultant possible effect on the number of available jobs in the security sector. Hence, students and other persons in the society who were trained in security stand a better chance of gaining employment in organizations such as banks, oil firms and other institutions.

Job opportunities

Adherence to regulatory requirements

There are many security laws in society and trained security personnel is likely to be aware of such regulations. Such individuals are likely to adhere to the laws and policies of the regulatory bodies. In the organization, employees who are well trained in security are likely to boost the reputation of the firm as they will contribute their security knowledge to ensure that the firm adheres to the security laws and regulations. They will advise the firm on several security measures and how to stay safe when faced with security demanding situations.

Security is Paramount for every business

It is a misconception by many that it is only businesses in the information and communication technology sector and internet-based businesses that require security. This is highly erroneous. Indeed business in various sectors is in need of security. This includes businesses in the production and manufacturing sector, banks, schools, transportation, construction, etc. They are all vulnerable to risks of insecurity and information protection.

Hence, staff with in-depth security awareness skills are great assets to their employers. They protect the confidential information and other valuable data in the firm. They detect intruders and suspected criminals even before they perpetrate the crime. If you are looking to secure your websites or servers or you want any malware cleanup from your server then you can contact DigmLabs. They provide a wide range of web related services including website development but specialise in security services.

Safety from personal risks

Security education is important in schools and society because it will equip the citizen with massive security knowledge about them and their environments. With this, they can protect their selves against attack and danger. They can also advise people around them on how to protect their selves against security risks.

With in-depth knowledge about security, the number of victims from insurgency will reduce. Young students who are taught security education can protect their selves from various forms of risk. They know what to do and where to run to in cases of danger and insurgency. Also, they will be able to protect and prevent their selves from undue exploitation such as rape, drug abuse and other crimes.

Reduction in crimes rate

The security of lives and properties is not the duty of the security agents alone. Crime and insecurity will be defeated if the people are well equipped with massive security knowledge. The individuals will be able to track risky movements and detect crime even before they occur. Without mincing words, the importance of security education cannot be overemphasized.

Safety of life and properties

Safety is a very important every aspect of life. An individual who is well vested with security education will be able to protect himself and other people around him. In cases of risk to life, such an individual will be able to know how to escape unhurt. He will ensure that the important properties are safe. Security education in schools and society is very important in this regards.

Rapid development

Progress and development are one of the resulting effects of peace and security. If the peoples are knowledgeable in security skills, then they would be able to curb danger and risk to life. They will offer enormous security and defence in their vicinity and this will reduce the rate of insurgency and crime. The absence of crime, danger and insurgency breeds massive economic and all-round development. Business and other economic activities will be carried out in a peaceful environment.



On the whole, security education is very important in schools and in society at large. It very important for schools to offer quality security education to their students.

Security education is very helpful in reducing crime, in the fight against drug abuse, rape and other security risks. Young school students who are well vested with security education and risk detection will be able to raise alarm and alert older people when they are involved in dangerous situations.

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